5 attributes that distinguish geniuses from average persons.

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5 attributes that distinguish geniuses from average persons.

I believe if you know who a genius is, you would agree with me that there are some attributes that distinguish geniuses from average persons. Although it is generally believed that all persons have the same potential, there are some people whose level of reasoning ability and skill defy this belief. These people are often called geniuses. A genius is a person who has a rather high intelligence with a remarkable intellectual and creative function.

Being a genius is not solely determined by being book smart or having a high IQ, other factors also play an important part like creativity, self awareness, the ability to ask intelligent questions etc. Examples of some public figures that are acknowledged to be geniuses are Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Bill Gates etc.

For one to be regarded as a genius, one has to produce ideas and innovations that are able to go beyond the boundaries of human thought and understanding of the modern world. Geniuses are extraordinary thinkers that reshape people understanding of the world, hence they are sure to possess and exhibit unique traits that set them apart from the average persons. This article serves to explain five of such characteristics. These are;


Geniuses are popularly known to display odd, eccentric ways of thinking and tackling problems. They are known to think out of the box, hence they tend to see problems and develop concepts and ideas to solve those problems in a more dynamic way than the average person. Due to this fact, they are unlikely to accept information and facts based on people’s opinions and already established results.

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Instead, they would want to redefine people’s thoughts and understanding allowing them to create solutions to where others see dead ends. The high creative prowess of most geniuses is what is what is responsible for their groundbreaking ideas, discoveries and innovations. For example, Tesla was known for his visionary ideas, and his works on alternating current (AC) electricity and power distribution is being employed till date in most modern electricity grids.


Geniuses can be known by their insatiable thirst and desire for knowledge. When one is being inquisitive, he is more likely to develop new ideas and concepts or uncover unexplored ideas. Geniuses prioritize learning new things and often pursue knowledge in an obsessive manner causing them to explore the world in search of new knowledge. This intense interest and curiosity most often leads to
providing geniuses with a profound understanding of complex concepts.

Geniuses unlike average people, are not usually content with restricting themselves to little knowledge and hence actively take part in exploring different, diverse disciplines thereby broadening their knowledge. They understand that there is the need to keep evolving with the the times as they believe that knowledge is ever-evolving with more things to discover and understand. For them, life is all about learning and their curiosity pushes them to keep up exploring and developing intellectually.


Geniuses must be open to different perspectives and should be willing enough to consider different ideas that might dispute their own opinions or beliefs. No one is an island of knowledge, geniuses also aren’t an exception, hence they should not work independently all the time with the mindset that they can do everything by themselves. They should not be shy, afraid or ashamed to say when they don’t
know or aren’t aware of a particular thing. Geniuses do not shy away from criticism, but embrace it and learn to use it to his own advantage.

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Open-mindedness is the reason many scientific works and discoveries are reviewed and examined by their fellow scientists before being released. It also serves as a key factor which enable an intelligent person to be able to integrate knowledge from various sources and disciplines, leading to increased creativity and groundbreaking discoveries. For higher chances of success, they should be willing to
surround themselves and work with their peers or even with others who are smarter than them.

Adaptability and mental flexibility

Most geniuses possess the ability to learn and easily adapt to new information. They can also adapt the way they think and their ideas and concepts to suit different situations. This is because they are exposed to different concepts and ideas from various sources They can adjust their methods of approach as much as it is needed in order for them fo find solution to a particular problem.

Most people view intelligence as one being able to change behaviors in order to fit in or cope with one’s environment, or to make proper changes to the environment to suit the needs of the person. The mental flexibility of highly intelligent people allows them to thrive in different situations, encourages creativity and highly influences their decision making.

For example, when we examine the game of chess, highly intelligent chess players tend to avoid using familiar strategies when playing, which allows them to easily adapt to their opponent’s game plan and moves, leading them to make good decisions for counterattacks which will ensure victory.

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Risk-taking and persistence

Real geniuses are known to be very innovative and will always want to push boundaries regardless of the risks involved. They are always on the hunt for the next groundbreaking discovery or ideas, hence they take highly calculated risks in their journey to eventual success. The risk taken most of the time isn’t the safest route, most especially when they are close to achieving their results.

Their approach to achieving their aim might also mean that it comes at their detriment physically, financially or even psychologically as it can hamper the progression of their career.

However, in spite of these risks, real geniuses are known to be resilient. They view failure as an integral part of the success story. Failure are not viewed as setback but rather as a stepping stone to success. When one fails or experiences a setback, a person equipped with a genius mindset will try again with a different, calculated method of approach. This persistence ultimately leads to groundbreaking
discoveries and sucess. It also serves a major deciding factor for identifying geniuses by many people

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