5 Best Website Builders for Freelancers

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5 Best Website Builders for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer? if yes, this article about 5 best website builders for freelancers is for you. Whether building a website is a Gig you offer or not, owning a website as a freelancer would improve the marketing of your business. 

This days, most freelance businesses thrive on the basis of branding, which wasn’t a common track in the early days. Obviously, A website is part of branding. 

The website contain your freelance business achievement, portfolios, team, experience, skills offered and a lot more. Hence, it house all your professional experience. 

In as much the need for a website is essential, it might take a little bit of technicality to do this from scratch, or maybe pay up a professional in the field.

However, with the help of drag and drop website builders, you would be able to design and customize a website to your preference and target consumer taste. 

Before we proceed, you might want to check out our article on 5 no code apps and tools to help you build your freelance business.

What are Website Builders? 

Web builders are tools that are used for building a website without the hassle of learning how to code or design from scratch. 

There are plenty of web builders like this. Some are paid while others aren’t. Similarly, there are no code tools you can use to run other part of your business. 

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Best Web Builders for Freelancers

Whether you are running a freelance or contract based business that requires an authoritarian digital visibility, here are the best web builders you can find out there: 

1.       WordPress

WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) or website builder in the world. As a master of  fact, over 50% of website on the internet are built with WordPress. 

It is the most flexible website builder you will find out there and from just a glimpse of the design board and templates, you can customize a website into your picture. 

My first website was on word press too, before on the long run I moved back to Wix, and now I am on WordPress again. 

Freelancers can use WordPress to build a customized portfolio, landing page of even a blog to be able to get more users. 

There is also the free option, though not as accessible as the premium or custom created website, but then it’s very flexible too. 

After creating your website, you can even connect it to emails, analytics and social media campaign plugins to boost your customer retention. 

2. Wix website builder

Wix just like WordPress is one of the pioneers in the web development industry. It houses hundreds of customizable templates that you can customize to your taste. 

For some reasons, I would say it’s easier to design with wix, but overall functionality, I’d give it to WordPress.  Also, you can integrate plugins and apps to wix to improve your website functionality. 

This is where it comes in handy, the templates can not be changed after your website is live. WordPress allows you t change your templates and redesign your website after your website is live. 

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Anyways, they have got a free plan you can try out too if you would like to access the functionality of wix. 

3. Squarespace website builder

As much as Squarespace is not as popular as WordPress and Wix, the aesthetic that come with apps build with it are extravagant. 

Squarespace is a home for absolute creativity, functionality and competence. So naturally, building your website with Squarespace provides the following for your website. 

The downside is the limitation to customisation, which is very rare in web builders. In fact, web builders users should be able to go as far as they wants to customize. 

4. Webflow website builder

Amongst the no code tools we listed in a recent article is Weblow. Website, Saas and Landing pages are just a summary of what you can get from we flow. 

It is one of the most trending web development tools with a lot of customisation and flexibility. 

You can add visual interaction, produce stunning websites and even add a blog to your website. Also, you can integrate your website with SEO tools to enhance your search engine visibility. 

The downside is that it is a bit advanced. You might need a little bit of tutorial or web development knowledge.     

5. Carrd website builder

This is still one of the best one page website builder you can find on the internet. I used Carrd for my first portfolio website and a gig for creating portfolios website. 

Carrd is so simple that you do not need to even drag and drop. Just type your input and prompt, then you have a website customized for you. 

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Website from Carrd are templates based, but rich in graphics and aesthetic. That is you don’t need any level of creativity to cook something up. 

The downside is that you can only use it for portfolios and basic websites, and not those that requires lots of customisation. 


At a point in the business of any freelancer, a website is needed. Probably, even at the beginning, especially if your job is in a very competitive market. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to out in too much work to achieve this. We are here to help, just reach out to us if you need us to help in building your website. Alternatively, you can check out skillhut.xyz freelance marketplace to get a freelancer you can afford and if you find it difficult to row around those website builders we listed here, a little bit of help from YouTube. 


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