5 Problems Freelancers Face and How to Overcome Them

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5 Problems Freelancers Face and How to Overcome Them

This article will expose you to 5 Problems Freelancers Face and How to Overcome Them. Freelancing is a way to make more money and vibes on freedom of your job. The flexibility and returns of your time is much better compared to 9-5 jobs. 

However, freelancers complain too. They go through problems with client’s and managing their lifestyle, especially when combining with 9-5 jobs or academics. Somehow, it’s challenging being your own boss and you wouldn’t escape this part of the process. 

I’m a freelancer with over 4 years experience, and I can particularly say this article is one I am writing from the bottom of my mind… lol. 

These post is a summary of what my challenges has a freelancer has been over the years. Also, a little bit of how I stayed motivated and overcame those challenges.  

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Are you ready? 

The 5 Problems Freelancers Face and How to overcome the problems freelancers face

1.    Finding Clients

This is one of the major problems freelancers face. Just getting into freelancing? I’m sorry you have to suffer so much when finding clients. Attracting clients, not to even talk of high paying gigs can be very frustrating as a newbie. 

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See, no matter how hard it is, you have to scale through this obstacle. What is even a freelancer without a Job? 

Besides, at some point with your job, you will still have to go through this process again. Freelancers would always look for jobs. 

So, how do we overcome this: 

  • Join freelance platforms like skillhut.xyz and start applying to jobs
  • Build a social media network
  • Create lots of samples
  • Volunteer
  • Always present yourself as expert in the field.

2. Boredom caused by freelancing

Another one on the problems freelancers face is boredom. As freelancers, we work from home. Chances are we don’t get to have anyone over, at least for the whole 5 working days since most of our friends would be at work. Yes, this is boredom. 

However, you can spice things up a little bit. Go out, meet new people, invite other freelancers over and take on some other activities to enjoy your life. 

Me, Ralph, Simon, and a few others used to have a routine those days. We choose someone’s house and spend the whole day there, then do the same at another person’s house the following day. 

Most importantly, take up the job that you will enjoy. You wouldn’t feel any iota of boredom with this. 

Ralph runs an influencer business where he narrates movies. How bored can this be for him? He enjoys it. Do the same too. Don’t just stick to it gives me more money all the time. 

3. Increasing Pay Rates on freelancing platforms

I’m sorry you have to suffer from this issue too. It’s challenging for most freelancers to courageously tell their client that they would like to increase their pay rate. It’s one of the problems freelancers face on all freelancing platforms.

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I used to have this problem during the early days of my freelancing career too until one day I just dropped a price, which according to me was humongous, around 5× my normal price, and the client agreed immediately. 

I think I had 5 projects running at that time. I told all my client, I would like to increase my payrate to a certain amount and all agreed except one. 

The one that didn’t agree had me staying on a contract till the end of the month, when he should have completed his team wages. 

In some cases, some might not accept your proposed increase in wage. If you have the ability to drop the job, do so and move on.  

4. Productivity as a freelancer

As a freelancer you need to always have your output at the highest order all the time. It is something you can do when morals are high. You just want to get up and get your things done. Productivity remains one of the major problems freelancers face so you must be intentional about solving it.

At a point, these things change, you start losing focus and the muse you put into your work. Mostly, this is not even your fault directly. What do I do in these instances then? 

This is it, we work mostly from home, right? We can get comfortable, staying and working at home all the time. Instead, we just want to change our work environment for the meantime or spice up our workspace. 

5. Procrastination 

Lastly on the problems freelancers face is procrastination. A boss does what he wants, when he wants it. That is who you are. However, if what he is to do is not going with when he is to do it, it might affect his pay. Can you read slowly again? 

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Stop procrastination. Do what you are supposed to do at the right time and don’t shy away from timing and scheduling. 

Why not get yourself a task board and sticky notes? Everyday, you stick notes on the board with time and schedules for your tasks. 


I’ve been there, I have had my own share of the problems freelancers face. Many other freelancers have been there too. In fact, some of us are still going through these challenges so you are not alone. With this article, you should have learnt some of the ways to overcome these issues.  Take them to practice in order to boost your productivity. 


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