5 Proposal writing tips for freelancers – Easy Guide

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5 Proposal writing tips for freelancers – Easy Guide

This article is about 5 proposal writing tips for freelancers. These proposal writing tips are important for all freelancers who want to make money online.

I can’t lie too, I struggled during the beginning of my freelancing career. It has never been easy to secure a job in the digital sphere, though it has always been the case for the traditional jobs too. 

So, I had to start learning how to up my game with proposal writing tips. It was never easy going from one YouTube video to another – changing from one blog to another too.

…. But here I am, on over 250 articles as a freelance writer on A list blogs and websites. Perhaps, my skills and talent actually worked for me. However, without a proper marketing strategy and outreach, I wouldn’t have been known at all. 

Over those short freelance writing years, I have had a lot of experience writing my own proposals as a writer and even business proposals for my clients businesses. The proposal writing tips I mastered paid off.

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If my proposals can get me to this point, they surely can help you secure jobs at top companies too. Shall we begin? 

The 5 Proposal writing tips for freelancers

As explained earlier, these are the top 5 proposal writing tips for freelancers that would like to succeed this year;

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1. Honesty

Honesty is one of the proposal writing tips I learnt first. I understand you want your proposal to be a wow to your potential clients, but then it’s not an avenue to lie about your skills and experience. 

If you don’t know, trying to force a false view of your service to your clients will make writing your proposal or cover letter uncomfortable. If you aren’t comfortable with those, you might as well not be putting the right stuff out. 

Come to think of it, what if you are caught? There are lots of resources online for clients to be able to research about a freelancer and if there is not enough proof to guarantee the cover letter, you might just lose the opportunity. 

On the other hand, honesty, should not be emotionally attached. Most client’s don’t care about what your life is all about or how happy you are in your proposal.   

2. Let’s talk about emotions

As explained earlier, those karma points you are looking to add to your proposal does not matter at all. In fact they are totally useless. None of those clients cares about what you have been through while looking to get the job. 

What if you channel that emotion to another side? This time you channel this emotion to boasting.

Yes, you can boast about your results and testimonials in your proposal. Tell the clients they might be unable to get that kind of result if they try to hire another person. However, don’t try to mix boasting about your results and dishonesty about your achievement together. 

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3. Short and Catchy

That cover letter you are adding as an intro to your proposal must be qualified with adjectives such as short, detailed, catchy, sweet and easy to understand. 

Hiring managers and clients have a very short attention span. They probably still have a lot of proposals to review after yours. So, they wouldn’t be sleeping on yours. 

If it is possible wrap it up in less than 200 words. And if you can it shouldn’t be going over 300 words. I’ve used less than 100 words of cover letter to get jobs several times.  

4. Understanding of the Job

Another rare fact is that your clients don’t care about your other jobs or how you have been dealing with them. They only want their product to be complemented by a professional. 

That is to always make sure your proposals are tailored directly to the clients. Show a high level of understanding of what your clients need to do. 

Acknowledging all the critical points, using their names, and asking questions about the project would keep the client interested in you. 

5. Add a USP

Having a basic understanding of your unique selling point is one of the proposal writing tips you cant do without. None of the other freelancers are missing professional qualifications in their proposal. Their portfolio contains the degrees, certifications, awards, years of experience, past projects etc. What differentiates one proposal to another is usually the USP, Unique Selling Proposition. 

Unique selling proposition is that value you can offer to your clients and you think most freelancers in your field would probably be lagging. Somehow, it might be your experience on highly rated projects, how to improve your client business, your unique pricing, and so on. 

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With these extravagant points, I hope I have been able to set you up for a better proposal in the future. Your samples and qualifications matter as much as your personalization and USPs you are offering to the clients.

Nevertheless, the beginning is always the hardest. That dream job you are looking forward too, would land very soon.  


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