5 Skills You Must Have to Become a Successful Freelancer

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5 Skills You Must Have to Become a Successful Freelancer

This article is about top 5 skills you must have to become a successful freelancer, even if you are a freelancer without experience.

I can do this and that… Do I have a very good portfolio? Then, why I’m I lacking in getting or keeping clients? These questions can’t just be popping into your head without being a victim of the situation. 

Getting a job or managing clients in freelancing is not based on your professional output alone. You have got to work on your other soft skills. 

Do you even know what soft skills are? They are basic skills like sales, communication, tolerance one need to live by.  They are important in every circumstance of life.

You have to be able to mix other aspects of keeping clients with professionalism before you can beat the competition in the freelance market and join the long list of successful freelancers.

All the same, this article is going to put you through those extra skills you will need to become a successful freelancer.  

The 5 Skills You Must Have to Become a Successful Freelancer

Listed below are top 5 skills you must have to become a successful freelancer. I can assure you that if you take this advice serious, you will start making good money overtime.

1.     Communication is Key

Communication skill is one of the top 5 Skills You Must Have to Become a Successful Freelancer. If you would like to join the league of successful freelancers, you must be intentional about your communication skills.

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According to a recent study, %61% of failed marriages were caused by lack of communication and it’s the same situation most freelancers fall into with their clients when the level of communication is extremely poor. 

If you can’t get to discuss properly with someone, they might find it difficult to understand you, not to even talk of trusting you to do your job properly. 

Where you might be faulty communication might not even be the jovial, understanding part. It might be your timing. Replying to emails and messages as soon as you get them is very important. 

That is why as a freelancer, you should never stop checking your email because that moment you are waiting for might just be around the corner.  

Finally, try to improve the personalization you inject in messages with your client. They are just like normal people and would appreciate it if you treat them as one. 

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2. Time Management 

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Time management is one of the most important skills you need as a freelancer. It requires a level of thought for just anyone to be consistent with time management. So, it’s okay if you are struggling with it. 

As freelancers, we get saddled up with a lot of projects, while trying to make up time for other plans, family, school etc. You don’t want to disappoint your clients, but at the expense of other part of your life. 

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We dropped an article recently that explains what time management looks like and how it should be done. You should check it out. 

Though summarily, the following were discussed in the article: 

  • You can get a Todolist app or a calendar app to schedule and plan your day ahead. 
  • Discipline yourself from social media
  • Give yourself a decent break once in a while
  • Don’t rush yourself 

3. Project Management 

This is another skill you must not joke with. Project management is one of the skills you must have to become a successful freelancer.

Everything can be pretty mixed up for freelancers? In fact, for anyone, a job can be pretty mixed up. Just a little bit of organization hack will help you scale through this particular case. 

Freelancing gives you freedom to become a boss of your own. A boss is in charge of managing himself, client’s and projects. Even with my experience, it is still very challenging managing all these bodies together.   

There are apps for management too. Asana and Trello can do the job of team, client’s and projects management all at once. Funny enough, they are even easy to set up. 

Another advice is to stop pushing yourself too much and avoid multitasking as much as you can. Give that work process a chance to sail directly.  

4. Motivation

I tell people “never give up” everyday. I see other freelancers do the same thing to their colleagues. I’ve had my own share of nit wanting to work or  wanting to give up too. 

The first thing you should remember, when you are getting tired of delivering your job optimally, is that you are the only person accountable for what your life turns into. 

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If you get tired or less motivated too often, you can find friends to work with. Working with other freelancers would give you energy to keep working hard.  

5. Accounting

We are freelancers and not accountants. That is why we make a lot of money and can’t even point to what it is used for. Is this a good thing? Obviously, not. 

From now on, you need to start tracking any amount you earn as a freelancer. Then make sure you save at least 1% of your monthly income. They would come in handfuls one day.  


Most freelancers have the professional skills to get their clients problems solved. How about the other part? Finance, communication, family and so on. By the way, we have got another guide about managing freelancing with schooling, you should check it out. 


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