5 things to do before going for a job interview

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5 things to do before going for a job interview

In this article, we have taken our time to write out 5 things to do before going for a job interview. This 5 things are as important to getting a job as air is for our survival. If you take note of these 5 things to do before going for a job interview, you will most likely get hired.

A job interview is defined to be a meeting between two or more people, which involves the job seeker and a human resource professional or the recruiting company’s representative(s) for the purpose of evaluating the applicant for a particular job opening in the organization. They are the most popular tools used in recruitment exercises by most business employers.

The reason for most interviews is to evaluate one’s interest in the company, the job, one’s preparation for the vacation position and potential to add value to the business. For these reasons, one would be invited for an interview if it is believed that one is equipped with the right skills and mindset to succeed in the company.

Over the years, due to recent improvements in technological advancement, job interviews are no longer restricted to solely face-to-face meetings between employer(s) and employee. It had become more advanced as some interviews are done via telephone interviews, online chats, Skype meetings and even video calls. Regardless of what type of interview one is subjected to, it should be noted that the rules are similar and one’s aim should be to impress and convince the employer that you are the perfect person for the job.

For this reason, adequate preparation is essential for any interview and listed below are key steps on how to maximize one’s chances of success at the job interview. These are;

1. Making adequate research about the company

Once one has been shortlisted for an interview, it is important to immediately perform the task of making research about the potential business organization. All relevant factual information about the company should be gathered and studied for one to make best use of in the job interview.

One could visit the company’s website, where one should be able to find a vast amount of information regarding the company, its products and services, new projects, relevant staff information etc. Skipping this crucial step before any interview is sure to be pose as a threat to the potential employees as failure to know basics about the company like what the company produces, ownership and main competitors can be prove to be costly and also embarrassing during the interview. It is advisable to look up any recent press
releases about the business organization so as to be aware of its latest trends and development.

After gathering necessary information, it should be worthy to note that one must use the information wisely during the interview. This is because there has been many reports of many candidates who ask irrelevant and unnecessary questions during interviews. This can be attributed largely to misuse of the information they gathered during research. What should be noted here is that one should only ask
relevant questions pertaining to what is being discussed during the job interview.

2. Being prepared for the job interview

This is somehow the most important step among the others, this is due to the fact that most job applicants fail interviews due to lack of proper preparation. The only way an interview candidate can become disoriented and lose confidence in himself few minutes into the interview is only if he’s unprepared. Hence, it is important that one is well prepared for his interview. One’s full portfolio must be ready with extra printed copies of CV and other necessary documents just in case.

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One should take also a pen and notepad just in case one needs to write anything down. Also one must ensure that the attire one needs to wear to the interview is clean and well dry-cleaned. One must look as professional as possible so as to give a good first impression. One should take good decisions on hair and facial outlooks as appearance goes a long way during evaluation of a potential employee in a company.

Last but certainly not the least, one should familiarize himself with how to get to the venue of the interview. One should have a good transportation plan in place to get one to venue before the specified time. It is advisable to leave earlier than usual for the venue so as to reach the interview early and with enough time to prepare oneself for the interview.

3. Good interview etiquette

Interview etiquette ensures ones comports himself during the interview. This is important as it gives the employer a positive first impression about the candidate. Reports show that first impression count a lot and serve as important criterion for evaluating interview candidates. Hence, when one enters the company for the first time, it’s important to greet the receptionist or secretary, interviewer and
everyone else u come in contact with with utmost respect in a pleasant and courteous manner. One should put up a smiling face and persona , extend his hand for a handshake and properly introduce himself.

During the interview, the candidate should speak in a formal manner, make eye contact as much as possible with the interviewer and should look interested in the interview. One should articulate his points with confidence and should ask relevant questions if he has any. The more positive impression the candidate makes, the better his chances of passing the interview.

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4. Practicing mock interviews

One can help boost his confidence by taking time to practice answering mock interviews. This will help to give the candidate enough time to prepare himself for the real interview and also help him prepare answers to possible questions. The candidate can compile a list of commonly asked interview questions and practice answering them. This can help the candidate develop some talking points during
the interview as the interviewer is sure to ask similar questions If not the same questions.

Doing this can also serve to calm the nerves of the candidate as he won’t be stressed when answering questions during
the interview process. One can practice mock interviews with a relative or friend ahead of the real deal. The mock interview
should be conducted in the same format as the real interview would be.

For example if it is a panel interview, you can convince a couple of your friends to be a panel for the mock interview. Reviewing
these common interview questions will help reduce your thinking- response and help better prepare you for the real interview.

5. Prepare appropriate questions

Asking appropriate questions shows the interviewer that the candidate has done the necessary research and is very interested in the job and company. During the job interview, it is important the candidate gives rapt attention and listens to what the interviewer has to say. It is when one has given the interviewer necessary attention that one would be able to ask appropriate questions about certain
things that are still yet unclear.

It should be noted that asking relevant questions engages the interviewer and builds a brief and good relationship with him. Having already made questions to ask the employer is of an advantage but one can always find questions to ask after listening to what the employer has to say.


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