9 Top Freelance Marketplace in the World.

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9 Top Freelance Marketplace in the World.

As a freelancer, one of the things I always want to know are the top freelance marketplace in the world. This is because I believe there would be more opportunities on them. Lately, freelancing has become a popular way of making a living for many as the day goes by. This has resulted in the number of marketplaces and platforms whereby freelancers advertise their services and has progressed.

However, In this post, a list of the top ten most popular freelance marketplaces and platforms will be discussed. These platforms offer services across a wide variety of domains, including web development, graphic design, digital marketing and consulting and a lot more.
As a freelancer looking for work or a business person looking for someone to get work done, this article will help to find the right platform for your needs.

As remote work is increasing daily, so do more qualified professionals are turning to freelancing as a way to work on their own terms and conditions equally earn a living. As the economy expands, so does the number of freelance marketplaces and platforms expand too. Getting the right channel to get work done is a great challenge, with the large number of platforms doing this job.

Below are the top freelancers marketplace existing.

The 9 top freelance marketplace in the world.


Skillhut.xyz is a global freelance marketplace for digitally skilled people. Of you have digital skills, i will advice you join other freelancers on skillhut.xyz freelance marketplace. With that, you are guaranteed of daily income as a freelancer.


Fiverr is a platform that provides a wide range of freelance services at an extremely affordable price. Their Services cuts across categories such as graphic design, writing, marketing, video creation,  photography, web developing, and  programming e.t.c. And their price also starts from $5.

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Most reputable site vendors have provided a stress-free  shopping experience for users. These experiences changed the lives of many users in several ways. Anyone can become a seller on Fiverr, so perhaps you can start selling some of your services to build up that spending budget for your project. Fiverr also offers a project management tool to ensure smooth communication between clients and freelancers as a whole.


Upwork is the most popular of all these freelance marketplace. It was formerly known as O’DESK, and was recently joined by ELANCE. Upwork is one of the most common freelance sites on the net. And It was built with success in mind. The site administration always on its own  verify any applicants, which  makes the hiring process  less stressful. It also allows users to focus on hiring eligible workers who wants to do the job for them.

In a bigger sense, it’s not about finding the right person, It’s about knowing the kind of work you need to get done, since Upwork provides a wide range of people who are experts  in their field. This platform enables clients to post job requirements and freelancers to submit their proposals. The platform also provides tools for communication, time tracking, and payment management. Upwork has the largest number of users worldwide.


This is basically a job search engine that specializes and focuses on remote and flexible job opportunities. It also provides  freelance job opportunities in various fields such as writing, web development, design, and others etc.. Flex Jobs encourages the provision of  job search tools, career advice resources, and a safe payment system.

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This platform is a global marketplace that connects clients with freelance professionals from in and around the world. It offers a wide range of freelance services, such as: programming, writing, data entry, design etc.. Clients  post their job requirements, and freelancers can bid on them, as there are more than enough clients on this platform. Freelancer also offers a secure payment system that protects both the clients and the freelancers.

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Behance platform is basically for designers. This is the world’s most leading design marketplace which has grown from small into a larger  designer platform. allows designers to showcase their portfolios and connect with potential clients. This platform is one of the most popular Freelancing marketplace where companies source for specialized designers and design services, ranging from video editing, photography, animation and more.


Dribble freelance marketplace is a massive platform where designers and creatives from all over the world gather to share their experiences and exposure. Dribble platform also  offers  great opportunities to clients worldwide. It connects businesses with freelance designers.

Dribble platform allows designers to showcase their work and provides businesses with a variety of design services, including branding, graphic design, and web design. When looking for particular type of design jobs, they  can be found  on Dribbble. Different specialties, like graphics, mobile and web designer, illustrator, animator, and brand designer, and others are also available on dribble.


Toptal freelance marketplace is a hiring platform that helps to find the right person for the job. Toptal provides the highest freelance talent for any design environment, web, mobile, or desktop technology stack.This  freelancing platform specializes in matching clients with the top 3% of freelance professionals. It offers a wide range of services, including software development, project management, finance.e.t.c.

It secures payment history. Vetting in Toptal platform  is difficult and takes a long and rigorous process. So,  only the best freelancers are accepted. The platform is user-friendly and it’s  dashboard  allows clients to browse through users ‘ profiles and hire them for their projects.

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This platform  enables those seeking  to become a startup owner to ask for advice in fields like email marketing, community building, and orientation, raising funds. How to use social media for the best benefit and so many areas of seeking advice that could be the breaking point between  the  success and failure of startups.

It also connects growing businesses with consultants in various fields, including marketing, sales and business strategy — clarity experts provide both high-level strategic advice, as well as operational guidance. Similar to the other platforms,  clarity offers a project management tool to efficiently track ongoing assignments.


PeoplePerHour Freelance marketplace  is basically a UK-based platform that specializes in freelance services such as web development, writing, graphic design. etc.. It offers a user-friendly platform that allows clients to post their job requirements and receive proposals from freelancers. 

PeoplePerHour focuses on connecting its customers with the right kind of people. They are experts in the particular field you need to outsource work for.

PeoplePerHour’s service has one big upside. Every worker here is being scrutinized before been employed into the system. This is to ensure effectiveness, quality and reliability. Their prices are also affordable. This hiring process is much more flexible than going through an expensive hiring agency. You can also expect great results from the people you will find through PeoplePerHour. 


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