Boost Efficiency: 15 Must Have Tools for Freelancers

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Boost Efficiency: 15 Must Have Tools for Freelancers

In other to boost efficiency as a freelancer, it is important you have the 15 must have tools for freelancers I will be listing out in this article. These must have tools for freelancers are essential for boosting your efficiency and in completing projects fast.

How would we freelancers survive those heavy chunks of work without tools? I mean look at productivity and deliverability these days, requiring a little bit of helping hands. 

Acknowledging those tools as helping a hand in our freelancing journey isn’t an elaboration at all. In fact, find me a better word to acknowledge those tools. 

You are new to freelancing? You are yet to try out those tools? Come on, you are missing out on a lot. 

In this article, we will delve into those must have tools for freelancers day to day activities to improve deliverability and efficiency. 

The 15 Must Have Tools for Freelancers

1. Hunter

This is one of the must have tools for freelancers who want to be successful. If you are just getting into freelancing or on the track of finding jobs through freelancing, then should be your go to email finding tool. Hunter is one tool that you can use to find out the email of top professionals at agencies and companies. 

According to reports, Hunter has access to over 100 million emails and professional company mails in their database. So, all you need is the name of a professional to get his/her email or the company website to get the full email lists of professionals in a company. 

It has a chrome extension for automatic domain search, author finder and email finder. Isn’t it cool?

2. Canva 

You really can’t be a freelancer and not consider canva as a major tool. Canva is one of the tools for freelancers who are working on design projects and need work done really fast.

Canva has to be the best beginner graphics design tool out there. As in, you don’t even need to have any technical knowledge to be able to design with Canva

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It’s template congested and fitted for any design purpose including social media posts, banners, digital prints and even graphics design works for client’s. 

All you have to do is sign up to or download the app. Choose your template and then drag and drop until you achieve your customised plan. 

3. Grammarly

Writing is a major part of freelancing business and grammarly is one of the must have tools for freelancers in this niche.

Are you into freelance writing? And you don’t know what Grammarly is? I doubt so. However, freelancers in other fields might not be so used to it.

Grammarly is used for managing grammatical errors and structure, which no matter how flawless you are, might still come up once in a while. Then, this is where Grammarly comes in handy. 

You can download the app, or set up the browser application for your PC. Boom, you start using Grammarly keyboard to write. 

4. Google Workspace for freelancers

Another must have tools for freelancers is Google workspace. Google workspace comprises different Google tools put together for the sake of digital workers. The Google workspace can be compared to a digital office.  

In the Google workspace, you would have access to email and calendar management which you can use to schedule and automate mails. Similarly, Google docs and Google sheet which are documents managers are available on Google workspace. 

And if you have to go into meetings online, there is a Google Meet and Google Chat that does that easily. 

5. Slack

If Twitter is for tweets, Instagram is for vlogging, tiktok is for short videos, then which app is known for business communication? Slack. Is that your guess? Slack is undoubtedly one of the must have tools freelancers cant do without.

Slack is used by most freelancers for organising communication with client’s. So, instead of using normal messaging apps or Gmail, start being accustomed to slack. 

You can integrate slack with other apps such as Google drive and trello in order to fasten efficiency. 

6. Notion

Notion is also one of the must have tools for freelancers. Notion has to be one of the best apps for keeping your organization at optimum as a freelancer. You don’t want your materials with client’s to be cluttered around on your device. 

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With notion, you can take notes, bring up your outline and organise work with clients. Similarly, you can link Notion to Slack, Trello and Google drive.

7. Bonsai

The other day, we were discussing apps that can be used for creating invoices for freelancers – mainly about excel. Now, creating invoices with excel can take a while unlike dedicated accounting tools. One of which is Bonsai.  

Bonsai is used for accounting and invoicing of client’s. You can simply manage your finances as a freelancer with Bonsai. You can also use these applications for contract creation, project organisation and bookkeeping.  

8. Trello

Trello is that tool that you use to manage the status of your team members. That is, you would be able to find out how far they came with their job. 

It makes collaboration easier, as well as assigning tasks to your workers. You can integrate with other tools, so that you would be able to monitor and organise your team members’ tasks directly from the tool. 

9. Dropbox

When I started freelancing, I used to keep an out of files and folders relating to my clients. And yeah, I do run out of space on my device. 

Dropbox is used for storing and sending files to your clients. All your files are stored in the cloud and you have a lot of space to chunk them up. 

If at all you find it necessary to link it up to other tools, it is also possible with the likes of Trello and Google workspace. 

10. Skillhut Freelance Marketplace

Of course, most freelancers, especially beginners these days, would say they don’t want to ever get to use skillhut. However, we have to touch what has for us here. Skillhut is a freelancing platform where freelancers can meet potential clients, deliver their services and make some money. 

Some of us started as freelancers on skillhut and it really worked for us. Maybe you are making a little bit of mistakes on the platform if you are not getting things right. 

Beyond the 15 must have tools for freelancers, If you are interested in freelancing, you might want to check out this article on the 9 Top Freelance Marketplace in the World.

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11. ChatGPT

Good God! How did this skip my mind up until this point? ChatGPT is that app that, very soon, no one will be able to do away with anymore. ChatGPT is an AI that gives you answers to all your questions.

It can help you generate ideas for articles, codes, designs, data, stats and so on that will be needed for your services, and very fast. 

12. Unsplash

Need stock photos? Unsplash has a lot of it. It is a platform used for finding and downloading stock photos.

These stock photos can in turn be used in articles and image mockups in galleries and graphics. Well, you can also try out, they have lots of stock photos too.  

13. Calendly

Calendly is used for scheduling and managing events and meetings for freelancers. It houses your available schedules for meetings with client’s. 

You can integrate the app with Slack, Outlook, Zapier, MailChimp, Office 365 and so on. Similarly, you can share your schedules to your team, even if they are in a different time zone. 

14. Asana

If you don’t want to use Trello, then you can try out Asana.  Both are pretty similar in features and deliverability. They are also part of the must have tools for freelancers.

The only problem with Asana, compared with Trello, is that it is not so easy to use as compared to Trello. But then, if you have a very big team to work with, then it might work for you. 

15. Hemingway

If you are looking to create content on your social media, it is better to check for grammatical mistakes and tone.  Guess what? Hemingway can do this for you. 

It would notify you of readability and structure that would work with your audience. So, don’t miss out on Hemingway. Social media has always been our last resort as freelancers. 


These tools would help improve your effectiveness as a freelancer. Some of them are there to manage emails, get jobs, manage tasks, organize teams, and get optimum results from your job. Ever tried any freelancing tool? What are your favorites?  


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