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Brittany Bell Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Family


Brittany Mesa Bell (born November 9, 1987) is a versatile American model, dancer, and beauty pageant titleholder who boasts an impressive resume.


In 2014, she clinched the coveted Miss Guam title, representing her homeland on the global stage at Miss Universe 2014, although Brittany Bell still needs to secure a spot in the rankings. Her journey into pageantry began earlier with her win as Miss Arizona.

The year 2010 saw her ascend to the throne as Miss Arizona USA, leading to her participation in the Miss USA 2010 competition, where she left her mark in the top 10.

Beyond the world of pageants, Brittany Bell displayed her remarkable dance talents as a backup performer for illustrious artists like Beyoncé and Usher. Intriguingly, she is also renowned for her connection to actor and comedian Nick Cannon, with whom she shares the joys of parenthood and raising their children.

Early Life

Brittany Bell, a 35-year-old American born on November 9, 1987, in Barrigada, Guam, has a diverse heritage, with a Chamorro mother, Venessa Parks Bell, and a father, Maurice Bell, of Native American, West Indian, and African American descent. She also has a sister named Nicolle Bell.

Brittany’s ancestry includes Chamorros, Native Americans, West Indians, and African Americans. Brittany Bell now resides in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for dance began in high school, and she pursued a degree in communications at the University of Southern California. Afterwards, she ventured into modelling and pageantry, leading her to compete in Miss USA.



Brittany Bell‘s journey began in Barrigada, Guam, where she was born and raised. Her heritage blends Chamorro, Native American, West Indian, and African American ancestry.

In 2009, she earned the titles of Miss Arizona USA 2010 and Miss Congeniality. Brittany Bell represented Arizona in the Miss USA 2010 pageant but only advanced up to the preliminary round.

Beyond pageantry, she danced for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns for three seasons and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in broadcast journalism in 2009.

Brittany Bell Net Worth

Brittany Bell‘s accumulated net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Her diverse career and numerous accomplishments have certainly contributed to her financial success, but she also uses her platform to give back to her community.

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