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Food counter attendant Needed At Taco Time Canada



Job details

  • Location.                                  –         102 – 10119 – 117 AveGrande Prairie, ABT8V 7X9
  • Salary                                        –         15.50 hourly / 32 hours per week
  • Terms of employment            –          Permanent employmentFull time
  • Work Hours                              –          Day, Weekend
  • Start date                                 –          Starts as soon as possible





  • No degree, certificate or diploma


Will train


The responsibilities of a food counter attendant can vary depending on the establishment, but typically they include:

  1. Customer Service: Greeting customers, taking orders, answering questions about menu items, and providing recommendations.
  2. Order Preparation: Assembling orders accurately and efficiently, including preparing sandwiches, salads, beverages, or other menu items.
  3. Cash Handling: Accepting payment from customers, processing transactions accurately, and providing change as needed.
  4. Maintaining Cleanliness: Keeping the counter area, dining area, and condiment stations clean and organized, including wiping down surfaces, restocking napkins and utensils, and emptying trash bins.
  5. Food Safety: Adhering to proper food handling and safety procedures to prevent contamination and ensure food safety standards are met.
  6. Stocking and Inventory Management: Monitoring inventory levels of food and beverage items, restocking supplies as needed, and rotating stock to maintain freshness.
  7. Operating Equipment: Operating equipment such as cash registers, credit card machines, drink dispensers, and food warming or cooking equipment safely and efficiently.
  8. Upselling: Suggesting additional menu items or upgrades to customers to increase sales and enhance the customer experience.
  9. Following Procedures: Following company policies and procedures regarding food preparation, customer service, and cleanliness.
  10. Teamwork: Collaborating with other staff members, such as kitchen workers or servers, to ensure smooth operations and timely service.
  11. Adaptability: Being able to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing customer demands or workflow.
  12. Communication: Communicating effectively with customers and coworkers to ensure orders are accurate and customers are satisfied.

Overall, food counter attendants play a crucial role in providing excellent customer service, maintaining cleanliness and organization, and contributing to the overall success of a food service establishment.


  • Keep records of the quantities of food used
  • Package take-out food
  • Portion and wrap foods
  • Prepare, heat and finish simple food items
  • Serve customers at counters or buffet tables
  • Stock refrigerators and salad bars
  • Take customers’ orders
  • Use manual and electrical appliances to clean, peel, slice and trim foodstuffs

Additional information

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Fast-paced environment
  • Repetitive tasks

How to apply

By email


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