Freelancing as a Student: Is it Possible?

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Freelancing as a Student: Is it Possible?

Anytime we introduce our global freelance marketplace, to students, one question they usually ask is if freelancing as a student is possible. So you are not alone if you are wondering if freelancing as a student is possible too.

The question remains; Is success in freelancing related to success in academic activities? Is it even possible to start freelancing as a student? 

Has these sets of questions been running through your mind for a while?  Why do you think it’s impossible to manage freelancing and academic activities? 

Freelancing is a smart way for students to make money. And yes, it’s possible to manage freelancing and schooling together. 

I’m a good example of this situation. As a college students, I still created time to supplement my income in freelancing. Mostly by selling my skills on

So, as someone with the same experience, I’m here to give you a feel of   what freelancing looks like in the life of a student. 

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Let’s delve in…

Who are Freelancers? 

Freelancers are people that offer one time or contract based services to clients anywhere around the world. As a freelancer, you can make money by offering different digital services online. 

These freelancing services include:

  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Coding
  • Graphics designing
  • Product development 
  • Virtual assisting
  • Machine development
  • Community management and so on. 

Is freelancing as a student possible?

When I was getting into college, I started my freelancing career as a creative writer for a digital marketing agency on upwork. 

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Of course, they acknowledged the fact that I was a student, new to the process and helped me grow. I was probably a bit fortunate, looking at the team I started my career with. 

However, I want to believe once an employee realizes you are a student, they would have to treat you as a part time worker. At least, that is going to reduce the workload, unlike normal people. 

In the long run, I made my way into UX writing and designing. And this is now a service I offer as a freelancer. 

So, if you are looking to make extra money as a student, there is nothing to chase you away from taking expertise in a particular digital skill and making money from it. 

Tips on how to become a freelancer as a student

If you are looking to go into freelancing,  you need to be able to offer a service that is worth paying for. This includes taking courses, and proving expertise in that service you want to offer. 

If you are confused about what to get into, try to think the following questions through: 

  • What I’m I passionate about?
  • What can I dedicate my time to? 
  • What skills do I posses?
  • How much time can I dedicate to delivering my skills? 
  • Would I make sacrifices for this? 
  • Can I get clients anytime and anywhere? 
  • How marketable are the skills I possess? 
  • How competitive is this market I’m going unto? 

It might take a lot of thought and imagination before you can arrive at your final decision. So, take your time on it. 

How to Manage Time while Freelancing as a Student

You shouldn’t be lagging in your academic duties because of freelancing. Perhaps, those grades you are looking to give up for freelancing, might come in handy one day. So you must pay close attention to how to manage time while freelancing as a student.

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Similarly, you shouldn’t be lagging in delivering your service as a freelancer due to academic activities.

It can be a lot running around these two fractions of one’s life. Below are tips on how to manage your time while freelancing as a students:

1.   Choice and priority

In the life of every human, learning to go for the right choices and how to prioritize at a particular time will help row around any matter.  

That is, When you have a lot of important tasks to deliver at a time and you have to work with the most important first before considering the less important. Is that complicated? Probably. 

You might need to submit an assignment, take a class, write a project, prepare for a presentation and still need to submit a client’s work at the same time. 

In my own personal experience, I would go for academic activities first before considering my advancing life. 

2. Networking

You need friends on this journey? You should be able to have people you can ask for help when you need one. Connect with people freelancing in your school, ask them how they manage school life with freelancing. You can even get more job opportunities by connecting with other students. 

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is a robber of time, proficiency and effectiveness. You need to stop it if you want to survive the stream of freelancing with academic activities. Take on that activity once and for all and stop waiting for a time before working on it. 

4. Take your time on delivery 

The fact that you are trying to manage your time doesn’t mean you should start rushing your activities and then delivering mediocre services to your clients. Going over that same service, would still eat more of your time.  

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Being a student is already involving a lot of work. Adding freelancing to that journey can get anyone a lot worked up. However, the beginning is the hardest. In just a matter of time, you would be able to manage and get through the hard process. You would have gained a chunk of experience and clients would start referring you to their friends. 


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