Freelancing Skills With Low Competition In 2024 – 5 Easy skills

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Freelancing Skills With Low Competition In 2024 – 5 Easy skills

In this article, you will learn about freelancing skills with low competition and high revenue potentials. These freelancing skills with low competition are so valuable that if you dedicate just 6 months to learn them, the returns you will get will transform your life forever.

This is 2024 and freelancing has become imminently competitive. If you are not improving in your skills every now and then, you might be unable to set yourself up in the industry. 

Overtime, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new freelancers to get a job or match the challenge in their niche or industry. If you are a new freelancer, this is not exactly your fault. 

Even the veterans are finding it difficult to subdue to competition because of the crisis in the digital hiring sphere. 

Anyways, if you can’t beat that competition, it is better to run away from it. Choosing another freelancing market would help you scale the industry faster. 

In this article, we are going to run through those low competitive markets and skills you can delve into as a newbie freelancer. Don’t forget, to monetize your freelancing skills, signup as a freelancer on

How to Choose Freelancing Skills With Low Competition

There are lots of freelancing skills to take advantage of and one might find it difficult to choose one. However, you should consider the following when choosing a freelancing skill: 

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1. Your Interests

The first thing you should consider when choosing a freelancing skill is if you are interested and comfortable with taking up that skill. The kind of work you take interest in, experience you have had and knowledge in some sector might play a great role in your skill preference. 

2. The Market 

Is that interest marketable? Is there a skill pertaining to that interest? What’s the income call for the market?  How competitive is that market? Twitter and quora can help you find answers about the market demand of that skill you are looking forward to. 

3. Saturation

If you are just getting into freelancing, in a saturated market, you might be at a disadvantage, especially if you are yet to build enough connections or networks. Don’t just bounce into a saturated market.

Freelancing Skills With Low Competition you should check out

There are lots of them, but the 5 below are easy to make money from and build your career with. The demand is high, yet the supply is low. 

1.    Voice Over

A week ago, I was on a twitter space with the theme being around creating and managing contents. I want to believe that is what inspired me to write this post. 

It was during that space, I got to meet 4 voice over artists that earn over $100 for by providing voice overs to just 10 minutes of videos. And they are freelancers. 

This skill is so underrated and requires little to no work. Here are where you can get jobs as a voice over artist: 

  • YouTubers and Vloggers for their videos 
  • Audio and video ad agencies
  • Radio advertisement
  • For Audiobooks
  • … and so on. 
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2. Wikipedia Writing

Wikipedia charges over $7000 for a single outbound link or guest post. Bloggers and companies that would be paging this outrageous amount for backlinks from Wikipedia would demand the service of a content writer.

This content writer must understand the tone and flow of Wikipedia and also be able to add a feel of the representative brand to the article. You can earn up to $1000 per article. 

3. Game Development 

This has to be one of the highest paying freelance industries in 2023 and things will continue to get better in coming years. 

Game development might be a little bit difficult to learn but you would be open to getting jobs faster than just pure mobile app development. Similarly, an industry like this demands some level of trust, so make sure you take networking and connection very important. 

4. Ads Management 

Ads management for companies is another top in-demand gig for freelancers but with very low suppliers. You can take thousands of dollars from ad management. 

The only thing you need to learn is the mechanism behind customer expansion and retention. Companies and brands need ad managers to see through this process while they work on the conversion. 

5. Cybersecurity 

In recent years, cyber security has become increasingly essential for the digital sphere. Breaches keep occurring everyday, and businesses are capitalizing their effort on cyber security experts to save them. 

Cybersecurity might take you a few months to hold that expertise tag, but it is very lucrative and less competitive when compared to other sophisticated tech skills out there. 

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In a competitive market, you are not only under the influence of your skills or network to get a job, but also luck. This market is already taken up by experienced freelancers. 

The probability of getting that job you are hoping for will continue to reduce as more people can claim expertise in that niche. 


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