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Gasia Mikaelian Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Family

In this article we discuss Gasia Mikaelian Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career And Family.



Gasia Mikaelian is an Armenian-American news personality widely recognized as the lead anchor for KTVU in the California Bay Area.

With her captivating presence and insightful reporting, she has become a familiar face in broadcast journalism.

Early Life

Gasia Mikaelian was born on July 4, 1975, in the greater Bay Area, California. She hails from Armenian heritage, with her parents having emigrated to the United States before her birth.

From an early age, Gasia was keenly interested in journalism and storytelling. This passion continued to grow throughout her formative years, leading her to pursue a career in broadcasting.

As of 2023, Gasia Mikaelian is 48 years old and continues to excel in her field. Her dedication to reporting accurate and impactful news has garnered her widespread respect and admiration.



Gasia Mikaelian‘s illustrious career in broadcasting began when she joined KTVU in 2005. As the lead anchor, she plays a crucial role in delivering reliable news to the viewers of the California Bay Area.

With her strong presence and journalistic integrity, Gasia has established herself as a trusted voice in the industry.

Her exceptional reporting skills and ability to connect with the audience have earned her a loyal following. Gasia’s commitment to delivering news with clarity and accuracy has made her an influential figure in broadcast journalism.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Gasia Mikaelian is happily married to her husband, Paul Perez. Together, they have been blessed with two sons.

However, further details regarding her romantic relationship history are not publicly available. Gasia values her privacy and focuses on her professional endeavors while cherishing her time with her family.

Gasia Mikaelian Net Worth

Gasia Mikaelian‘s successful career and contributions to the world of news anchoring have translated into financial success.

She has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million.

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