How To Change Fiverr Username Or Display Name

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How To Change Fiverr Username Or Display Name

Many people get hooked with their fiverr username. They find it difficult to change their fiverr username whenever they think they should change it. One of the main tips to getting a job as fast as possible on Fiverr is the naming preference. 

Although it might not be a very important credential, I’ve seen clients say they hire by keywords.  Hence, if a client hires by keywords, it would be best to add that keyword to your display name on Fiverr. 

Did you just discover this too? Is this the reason you would like to change your Fiverr username? 

Whether that is the reason or not, if you are looking forward to changing your username or display name on Fiverr, you need to read this through. This article is a tutorial that explains  the name change and how it works.

Can You Change Your Fiverr Username?

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The moment you are about to set up your Fiverr account as a seller, you would be given a personal username. This used name is accustomed to only your account and identity on Fiverr. Hence, it is impossible to change the username of your Fiverr account.   

If at all you want to change your Fiverr username, then you would probably need to delete the account and then create a new one, then add your new username.

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How To Change Your Fiverr Username

Changing Fiverr username is impossible except you would deactivate your account and then get a new one. 

Then, during the process of opening the new account, add your preferred username. 

On the other hand, I wouldn’t advise you to try any hack or strategies to change your Fiverr username. It is a delicate part of an account and it might be the cause of an account banning. 

If you are to eventually delete your Fiverr account, you need to take some cautious action to avoid the linking of your old account to your new account.

So, don’t use the email address of this particular account with your new account after deactivating the old one. 

Somehow, I have heard of account suspension due to the fact that the different fiverr accounts were logged in at the same time. The IP of those were tracked and blocked. This is the reason you should delete your first account first, before creating and logging in a second account on your device. 

How to Deactivate Fiverr Account

Follow the steps below to deactivate your Fiverr account:

  1. Sign in to your account and click on the settings tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Deactivate account under account deactivation section 
  3. Add a reason for your account deactivation – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would add the fact that you want a new username to these reasons input

After deactivating your account, you should clear your device cache. Then open a new Fiverr account. 

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Fiverr Username vs Display Name

Are you confused about the difference between a username and display name on Fiverr? Here is it: 

The Fiverr display name, according to Fiverr, should contain your real name. This is what you are going to be referred to by client’s on the platform. 

The username, on the other hand, is used to specify freelancers identity on the platform. It does not have to be your real name, however, something simple that you know can represent your branding on tbs platform. 

No two identical usernames can exist on the platform at the same time. However, two people can have the same display name on Fiverr. 

How To Change Your Fiverr Display Name

Unlike the username, there is room for changing a Fiverr display name. This is possible directly from your profile settings : 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click the pencil icon next to your display name and Edit your profile
  3. Add a new username
  4. Confirm. 

Does Fiverr Username Matter?

Do you know most people find it difficult to retain client’s on Fiverr because of their username? Usernames are supposed to be easy to remember and relate to your service. 

Most freelancers get to discover this late and this is usually the main reason they would want to change their Fiverr username. 

Should You Use A Fiverr Username Generator?

Fiverr has its own username generator. So, if you are finding it difficult to build on ideas for your account username, you can try out a username generator. 

Just input some keywords about your services and then the username generator would suggest something very simple to remember for you. 

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In conclusion, As much as username is so important, I wouldn’t advise anyone to deactivate their account because of a username. You would be starting from scratch again if you decided to deactivate your account. 


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