How to combat loneliness and isolation as a remote worker – 8 tips

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How to combat loneliness and isolation as a remote worker – 8 tips

This article covers how to combat loneliness and isolation as a remote worker. The 8 tips discussed are effective for all remote workers.

As a remote worker who majorly works from the corners of their home, mostly are isolated from the rest of the world. Being isolated for a long time might lead to loneliness as time goes by.

Though, it is not an easy thing to avoid loneliness while working from home, but as time goes on, isolation will creep in.

How to combat loneliness and isolation as a remote worker – the 8 tips

Before we proceed, you might be interested in this article How to Get Remote Jobs Fast – 6 Steps. Below are tips of combating loneliness and isolation as a remote worker.


Reaching out to family and friends is a tangible way of combating isolation and loneliness as a remote worker. This helps to fight against cutting people  off when working from home.

Cutting off people is a very dangerous habit that the person suffering from it might not even realize they did before it is too late to curb.

However, in this regard, it is important to reach out to people as most people progress when they relate with people.


Building a strong network helps to fight against loneliness and curb isolation. As Networking with others gives room for more connections and opens people’s eyes to what you do.When hoping  to attend a large gathering or event, finding a networking partner who can accompany you might be a reasonable and great option.

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It is better to choose an outgoing coworker or friend who can help to facilitate group conversations and support  if one begins to lonely. This networking partner can relate with one over work or might make it easier for one by making one to feel confident while handling introductions and connections with others.


By Connecting with others physically can boost up a remote workers  confidence. Networking can take place at large conferences and speaking engagements, Attending these events does not only mean connecting physically with others, but, also curbing loneliness.

As a remote worker,  it is of good benefit to take a more personal approach to work by meeting with others in one-on-one environments. One can invite a new contact out  to get to know them individually instead of attempting to engage with them in a group meeting format. These meetings help to push off isolation.


 Effective Communication skills is very essential when it comes to a remote job. For almost every profession, including remote work, Communication matters a lot. Invest in improving the  ability to carry out ideas clearly, listen actively to others, and adapt your communication style to different listeners. Strong effective  communication improves better collaboration and understanding of other people.


Planning helps to curb loneliness. If you don’t get to spend much time working or socializing with your teammates as a remote worker, then make plans with friends or family members during the week when you’re feeling lonelier than usual.

These plans will help to make one feel more like a part of a community, and they help to get one out of work after each days work to avoid getting overworked.

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When working from home, it is not so easy to differentiate  between work and personal hours, hereby, making plans for off work leisure and strategize ways of getting out of the house.


Communicating with people through messaging, video and phone calls helps to fight isolation.

To avoid loneliness while working from home, make it a point to schedule calls and meetings to brainstorm, discuss ideas, or present your point of view on a subject with one or more of your team members. This is specially important if you need to explain a complex concept or there is a disagreement or misunderstanding with a teammate.

As a remote worker, It is so easy to communicate exclusively with your team members through instant messaging platforms, text messages, and emails. Although, it might feel great to have so much flexibility and independence, but over time, that level of isolation often leads to remote work loneliness.


Volunteering helps to fight against isolation and loneliness. As a volunteer, you tend to meet new people who care about the same things you do also, helping to make the world a better place.

While volunteering, you meet and make new friends, who tend to look after you even when you reiterate back to your isolative nature.


Getting a pet can make you feel less lonely and isolated as a remote worker. Taking in a pet makes you feel committed to it, likewise, taking care of it will ease you off loneliness.  Being a pet owner has many physical, emotional, and mental benefits. 

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As most pets likes companion, taking in a pet can let you have some sort of companion in your home.


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