How to Create an Online Course on Teachery – 5 Steps

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How to Create an Online Course on Teachery – 5 Steps

There are numerous platforms for the teacher student relationship in the digital space and teachery is a major one. Inshort, if you are not maximizing the opportunities that comes with teachery, then i would assume you are one of the few persons on earth that doesn’t like money.

However, if you are not a teacher or you are not good in teaching but also want to make money online, then check out is a global freelance marketplace that allows people with digital skills to sell their skills online.

Now back to our topic for today, Are you course creator? Looking to teach some of your digital expertise to people online, then this is a post I would like to drive you through. 

There are platforms that allow you to get your ideas to your audience without going through any hassle. Some of which include Udemy, Coursera and Teachable, which most people are used to. However, they are starting to go out of trend. 

New platforms are emerging in the market and Teachery is looking like one of the most promising ones. Infact, it has got an enormous load of history and facts as potential evidence for the next big thing. 

So, here is my advice, why not start milking it from now on? And yes, create online course on Teachery, try out this new platform you will we see that making money online is possible.

In this article, we would delve into how Teachery works and how to create online course on Teachery in a very easy way.

What is Teachery? 

Teachery is a website for the creation and selling of courses without any hassle of delivery and maximum returns. 

On Teachery,  you only need to create your own creator account, add your courses to your page and get it promoted to internet people. Every other part will be executed for you. 

Similarly, they have a laid out audience initially. So, if you randomly get to the first page of the platform, then it would even be easier to get your products to Teachery ready made audiences. 

You have got something premium to teach? Let’s get started with Teachery already.  

How to create online course on Teachery – the 5 steps

We will be starting from the sign up process, up to that position where you will be able to create and post your work on the platform. 

1.       Sign up to Teachery

Go to and click on the sign up page. They have got different paid plans for creators, however, you can easily sign up to their 14 days free trial at least for a test. Even the 14 days free trial is not limited. 

Completely fill in the right information in the appropriate order. After you are done with the signing up, you will be taken to the dashboard, where you get to see components such as: 

  • Your courses
  • Course analytics
  • Customer activity
  • Account page
  • Payment pages
  • Adding and styling courses
  • Even adding customers. 

Since, you are yet to even upload your first course, I don’t think you have anything to do with all of the dashboard components yet. 

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PS: The monthly plan on Teachery is $49 per month while the yearly plan is $470 per year. 

2.  Prepare your Course

First of all, you need to come up with a course that people will likely want to buy, and you can exquisitely teach. The fact is, people can easily spot if a creator is not passionate about what they are about to teach. 

Have you made your decision on the course you wants to create? Now do this, go to Coursera and Udemy and search for the courses. Are your proposed audience any massive for the course? Who are they? How much do other course creators charge for those courses? 

Summarily, prepare your course only after making the research about the product and the proposed users.  

3. The Demand

During the course of your research, what context or format is the most demanded for your type of course. 

As much as you can’t use written context for some courses, you can’t use video context too. Besides, some courses are merely created with voice recordings alone and they bring in more returns than the video courses in the same field. 

Which one works best for your course? Can everything work?

PS: If you have to go through the practical aspect, videos might be the best. Text and voice overs might work for your kind of audience if their attention span is rather brief for the course.    

4.   Get Your Course on Teachery

After creating your course, the next plan is to upload your course on Teachery. 

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To do that, login to your Teachery account and click on create course. Choose your course template amongst those listed on the sidebar and Get started

Now you have to proceed to styling your course – choosing the right colour that explains the perception of your course. You can try out other customisation information too. 

Go to the course pages and click on add lessons, from there you can upload your course and add other information defining your course. 

Also, set up your price and payment options from the add payment page.  Don’t forget to resonate your proposed pricing with the market pricing. 

5.  Preview and Publish

Oops, you have now successfully uploaded your course to Teachery. However, before you finally click on the publish button, click on  preview course.

By Previewing the course page, you might find any irregularities that need to be corrected. 

All the same, even  after uploading, you can still edit the course page. So, those irregularities, even if noticed after uploading, are nothing to worry about. 


Nevertheless, if you have any issues with uploading your course, payment plan or any other technical issues, their customer service is always ready to deliver. 

The promotion you give your course will determine the returns it will bring. Promote your course via social media and Google ads for it t reach more people.


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