How to Get a Job on Freelance Platform – Easy steps

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How to Get a Job on Freelance Platform – Easy steps

This article will open your eyes to how to get a job on freelance platform, a global freelance marketplace.

Ever heard of Upwork and Fiverr? Ohh yes, they are congested freelance platforms.  How about Did I just hear a no? Then you are missing out on a lot. 

If upwork and Fiverr are too competitive and congested, why not try out those freelance platforms that are not too congested? being one of them. 

I’m a user of, can vouch for the platform, already has a side gig from the   platform and I think it’s time to put you through this update. 

I posted on my personal blog around 2 months ago that I will be trying out a new freelance platform. 

And this is what my honest opinion looks like. 

Are you ready to follow me? 

This is an article, where we will be discussing everything you need to know about and the benefit it poses to freelancers.

Ideas on how to get a job on Freelance Platform

What is is a global freelance marketplace for freelancers to meet with client’s. From there freelancers can offer their services to the clients, while getting paid. 

The best thing about the platform is that you wouldn’t be paid peanuts like the other freelancing platforms. Similarly, it is not as competitive as those other freelancing platforms. 

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Also, you are more than free to do anything with your clients on the platform, regulations are in place to protect freelancers. 

How to Sign Up to Freelance marketplace

To get a job on freelance marketplace is easy, but you have to know how to sign up to before you can get a job and access other opportunities. To become a member of is pretty easy. 

Firstly, go to and scroll to the sign up buttons. Choose to sign up as a freelancer and become a member of the platform. 

All you need to join the platform is your real name and information about your service. You can verify overtime. 

Skills to Offer on is open to any freelancing service you would like to offer to client’s. There are currently close to 1000 client’s looking for freelancers to deliver services such as: 

  •  Writing
  • Digital marketing 
  • Ads management
  • Graphics designing
  • Video editing 
  • Programming
  • Data analysis 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web design 
  • No code development
  • Graphics designing
  • Autocad
  • etc

How to Get Jobs on

Just like every other freelancing platform, there are tips you should be conversant with before even thinking of applying to jobs on them. Some of them include: 

1.       Optimise your profile

Add your full name, a well lightened profile picture and a stacked about section. Also, add a sample of projects you have been on to your about section on the platform. Summarily, complete your profile and add the necessary details.

2. Be Active

As much as the platform is not any competitive, if you are not active you might not be opportuned to getting any job either way. You should be active on the platform for you to be able to get updates about jobs that come your way anytime. 

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3. Send Proposals

After joining freelance platforms, I usually find it difficult to send proposals immediately, somehow, i wait for months and i think it’s a pretty bad. The funny thing about Skillhut is that you don’t need to have connects to be able to send proposals unlike Upwork. So, you can send as much proposals as you want. 

4. Improve your proposal

If your strategy of writing a proposal has not been working you probably need to step up your game. We have a guide on this, you can check it out. Try to state in your proposals that you understand your clients job and how good you can help them solve the problem. 

5. Portfolio   

This time around, you need to start improving that portfolios. It’s the only proof you have for your clients. Without a solid portfolio, there is no way clients would be taking your abilities seriously.  If you are a beginner, you can stock your portfolio with lots of samples that relate to your clients problems. 


The likes of Fiverr and Upwork are very competitive and most freelancers struggle to get a job from platforms like that. Even with all the experience, some still struggle. 

From my own perspective, it is better to be a big big fish in a small pond. Over time, pond would widen its pool. Hence, you would have gained your own grants on the platform.  


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