How to Get a Website Approved for Google AdX Account

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How to Get a Website Approved for Google AdX Account

This article is a step by step guide on How to Get a Website Approved for Google AdX. Google Adx, known as Google Ad Exchange, is a more profitable version of Google adsense and admob. For most beginners, website monetization is all on Google adsense amd it’s not. To make good money online, you need to learn how to get a website approved for google adx. This is because that is where the real money is,

Over time, with a rapidly increasing traffic and website visibility, there would be an excitement for more returns, which is why people move into Google Adx. 

Google adx helps you make more revenue from your website traffic and even bypass the ad network fees ( something like 50% for you – 50% for them ). 

Here, you control your ads delivery, payment, tracking, preference deals and a freedom you wouldn’t be getting from traditional ad exchange platforms. 

Hence, in this post, we are going to be running you through everything you need to know about applying and getting approved for Google Ads Exchange and how to find the right partnership deals for your website. 

First of all, let’s make this little bit clear. If you run a website that is against Google AdSense policies, you might not be approved into Google ads exchange – Gambling, casino etc. 

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Ideas on How to Get a Website Approved for Google AdX Account

What is Google Adx Manager Account? 

Google Adx, is just like a marketplace, for companies, brands and agencies to meet and buy ad spaces on people’s websites. 

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That is, instead of relying on AdSense to get you ads from these companies, those that might not even correlate with your website or with low CPM, you would have the freedom to work with whoever is on your mind. 

The only downside is the competition. You need to compete with other website owners in order to make deals from partners with very high CPM. 

Hence, your website must be fully stacked, traffic optimized and plugged around lots of resources that will demonstrate partners brands. 

What’s the Difference Between Google Ad Manager and Ad Exchange?

Google Ad Manager is simply the manager for Google ads products. It is the platform where webmasters and publishers manage ads either from Google Adsense, Ad exchange are third party networks that use Google as their ad stream. This is the major difference between google ad manager and ad exchange.

Once you have a Google ad manager account, your journey into getting an adx account has become very easier. 

How to Get Google AdX Account Approved

You can be a certified Google ad exchange account owner via two ways: 

  1. Google Ad manager
  2. Third party networks

1.    Google Ad manager

As explained earlier, Ad manager is the dashboard where you manage your Ads. From the platform, you can contact google directly and apply for their ad exchange program. 

Personally, I think this is a more pragmatic approach, since you would be in charge of everything with Google. Your ad account manager can help review your account and let you know if you would be approved into Adx or not. 

But come to think of it, if your account manager is positive about your approval, what are those signs he/she would have seen? 

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First of all, it’s a necessary to have a high percentage of page views you think brands in your industry would be able to relate to and make sales with. Perhaps, you should be able to drive 10 million page views per month. 

Similarly, your website should not contain EAT contents. These are contents that require a very high level of qualifications. Such as: 

  • Finance contents
  • Health related contents
  • Dr****g contents
  • Religious and ethnic related contents
  • B****ting contents

Also, your website should be in one of the Google supported languages. Probably English, since most partners would rather use a general language. 

Finally, if you are keen about anything Google monetisation, it is better to get pop up, pop under or any other disruptive ads on your website. 

Summarily, to monetize with Google Ad exchange, you need to create a functioning Google Ad manager account and activate it. 

2. Third party networks

There are third-party networks that would lead you directly to getting Ad Exchange approval. So, in case you don’t want to go through the direct route of Google ads, you can always try this method. 

These third party networks are referred to as Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). They are certified by Google and to some extent live for publishers more than Google themselves.

They have the time for publishers, customer support is totally efficient and they provide extra tools to boost revenue. In fact, link you to high cpm accounts that fit your website. 

The popular CGPP are:

  •  Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • Snigel…

Benefits of Google AdX

There are many Benefits of Google AdX but i have taken time to list out the top 5 benefits of google adx. They are;

1.      Freedom: Once accepted into the program, you can choose to work with any partner of your choice depending on there profile with other partners. Anyways, look forward to the following when choosing those partners: 

  • Payment terms
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Initial Reviews
  • MCM account access
  • High quality websites and ads 
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2. Flexibility: The thing is when you choose partners, you would be open to checking into their contracts to see if it goes with you. One thing you should check is how long you would have to keep the  partners ads momentum going. 

So, when choosing partners, choose those that would allow you to leave your contract anytime and probably shouldn’t be signed for too long, in case of circumstances. 

3.     Free: The most important thing here is that you are not paying anyone to apply or get approved for Ad exchange. It’s whether your website matches the retirements or not. 

4. Higher ad revenue: Most people move into these because of the increased CPM and nothing. Signing up for ad exchange means you have escaped the shackles of sharing your revenue with a third-party ad network or google adsense.  

5. Payment is Secure: Unlike in an independent situation, where partners email publishers for ads placement and don’t do the needful, publishers pay directly to Google before the ads are placed, and then payment will be released to publishers afterwards.   


Google Ad exchange has proven to be one of the best ways for publishers and webmasters to monetize their website without moving an inch. However, the requirement, though not strict, needs to be met and acknowledged, else you wouldn’t be getting into the platform. That is why we have decided to write this article on how to get a website approved for Google adx account. If you have a chance on the requirement already, you can follow any of the processes above to get into the platform.


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