How to Know You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Freelance Business

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How to Know You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Freelance Business

So the question had always been about how to know you need a virtual assistant for your business. Is it now, or later? These and many more are the questions we would be answering in this article.

As a freelancer, you enjoy not only the freedom of your business but also being a boss of yourself. Have you ever thought of being the boss of another person? There are people out there whose service is to help freelancers with soft activities. 

Outsourcing might be a good way to step out of burn out, when it’s coming up once in a while. However, when burn out is reaching peak stages, and you have to keep up with everything on your plate, you might need the service of a virtual assistant. 

 Come to think of it… how would a freelancer know it’s high time to hire a virtual assistant? How would you know you need a virtual assistant for your freelance business? If you can find the right virtual assistant for your freelance business, what would you gain? In summary, what are the benefits of virtual assistants for your freelance business? 

How to Know You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Freelance Business

In this post, we are going to explain why and when you need virtual assistant for your freelance business. Before we proceed, you might want to check out this article on the Top 6 Freelancing Websites in the world.

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Who is a Virtual Assistant? 

A virtual assistant is someone, or mostly freelancers, whose job is to help businesses take on soft functional capacities in every area of the company. They are adapted to working with marketing, selling, drop servicing, accounting, management from a remote location. 

Virtual assistants work independently, though somehow based on contracts. They are often hired to help with projects or hold up for a particular function for the meantime. 

Summarily, virtual assistants add flexibility to your freelance businesses while taking on tasks that should have been taken over by full time workers. 

For freelancers, virtual assistants can be in charge of managing social media pages, researching, cold emailing, ads management, data entry, bookkeeping, meeting management etc.

Is There Any Difference Between a Virtual Assistant and a Freelancer

When you are burned out from your job, you immediately hire freelancers and outsource your specialized jobs to them. However, a virtual assistant can take on everything you are working on. 

If a freelancer is only trained on writing, they might be unable to manage social media operations for a business but virtual assistants are versatile and adaptable. 

Outsourcing involves working hand in hand, while virtual assistants unusually demand more independent roles. VAs are independent contractors to freelancers. 

Virtual assistants have a lot more time to work with businesses, than normal freelancers, perhaps this is justification for their higher pay too. 

All the same, if you are in demand of specialised services for the meantime, then you should hire a freelancer… But a virtual assistant can work with you for longer hours, though more pay might be required.  

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Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant

These are ways of knowing you need a virtual assistant for your freelance business;

1.   Burnout

When you start going through burnout frequently, then it’s like bringing in a virtual assistant. You can live your less important tasks to them, while taking on the specialized tasks you are hired for. 

The moment you start feeling burned out from every part of your business, it means your business is starting to grow to a level of operations you can’t embrace alone. Find yourself a partner you can pay. 

2. Extra skills are are needed

No one is an island of knowledge or perfection. You would probably need to straighten up yourself in some part of your specialization. What if you are getting constant opportunities in that field? Or are you not satisfied with your output? Instead of outsourcing to another freelancer, you can hire another freelancer to do the job for you. 

3. Level of Commitment 

Freelancers’ thoughts are usually surrounded by “let me just complete my job with this guy and get out with my pay”, but VAs would have to do everything to get the best result for their duty or it might affect the total output of the freelancer they are working with. If this should happen, they might lose their job. 

4. Scaling

If you are looking to scale your services from being a single freelancer to an agency, a virtual assistant might be the best person to hire. Virtual assistants are mostly trained for agency jobs or businesses with a range of division of labour. 

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5. Saving Money

If you are looking to hire someone to outsource some of your jobs to, and your budget is not so high initially, you can hire a VA. Different freelancers for different functions will take more money from you than paying just one VA to complete all the jobs, though it might take a longer time frame.


Looking at the Pareto 80/20 principle, virtual assistants can help skyrocket your freelance business returns by another 100X. You take on only the important 20% tasks, while outsourcing the remaining 80% tasks that are less important. 


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