How to make money on Medium – Easy steps

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How to make money on Medium – Easy steps

If you are like me and would like to make money online, then this article on how to make money on medium is for you. We would not only be explaining how to make money on medium, we would also be opening your eyes to how much you can make on medium as a writer.

If you have digital skills, you might also consider joining the freelancers on that make money online by selling their digital skills and expertise.

During my early freelancing days, medium was my go to place for basic knowledge. Its a community where you can learn just anything. 

After around 3 months on medium, I took the courageous act to publish my first article on medium. 

Of course, I didn’t get lots of views. Although, my primary aim of writing the article was to just tell my early story on the platform.

However, during that time, I can vividly remember the analytics of a medium account I saw on twitter, with over 3.5 million in the last one month. 

Guess what? I went through the creators twitter page. In the long run, I was able to discover the fact that he made $13,000  on medium 2 months ago. 

And yes, he posts on Medium everyday. That’s some high level of spirit. 

Enough of the stories… let’s run through how much you can make on medium writing articles.


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How to make money on Medium – Things you need to know

What is Medium? 

Medium is an open platform, established in 2012, where anyone can share their stories.

It’s a freemium platform. That is while you can use it for free, you might need to pay $5 to enjoy the full features of the platform. 

The platform has over 170 million readers and over 10 million readers. It’s one of a kind. 

As a professional writer, you can get to meet a lot of like minds on Medium. However, you should be able to set yourself up on the platform. 

Is Medium Reliable? 

Like I said I have been using medium for over 4 years, and I have seen friends get paid via medium. 

Personally, I’ve never thought of taking my own share from the circulation of cash. In fact, I post only twice a month. 

Now compare it to those writers that post daily. And get a lot of people taking interest in their posts. 

All the same, medium can provide a reliable income course if you are çonsistent with delivering view worthy posts. 

Does Medium Pay?

Yes, the medium does pay. Medium pays writers out of the $5 users pay them. 

From the introduction of this post, I cited the example of a popular creator on medium earning over $13,000 monthly. 

However, most writers on medium find it difficult to hit even the $100 mark on medium. And yes, they are as consistent with posting as these creators. 

So, if you think you are just looking forward to paying for a few cups of coffee, then you shouldn’t have any problem writing on medium. 

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If you want the big pay, just go freelancing some other way. Medium might not cut it out for you. 

How to Sign up on Medium? 

Go to and follow the sign up process to become a member of the platform. From there you can join the medium partner program.   

Can You Make Money Writing on Medium? 

To.make money writing on medium, you need to join the medium partner program. The partner program ascertains you as someone that is looking to make money from the platform.

Either way, you can check their partner program page to know if your country can join the program. 

Also, anyone can join the partner program even if you don’t have up to 100 followers – joining the program use to be a barrier to account below 100 followers.   

If you would like to join the program, apply directly from the partner program page

How Many Stories Should You Publish Monthly to Make Money on medium

Just like the adage, it’s not about “How far but how well” – it’s not about the number of articles, but the deliveries. 

The algorithm of medium brings up the most captivating articles of the page to the first page. If your article should reach the first page of medium, you wouldn’t be getting anything less than 100,000 views on the article. 

If you can deliver posts everyday on medium, and at least 10 of them stay on the first page of medium for at least 24 hours each, you would possibly be getting over a million views over the month. 

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Also, the reader’s retention and engagement determines the earning potential of your post. Similarly, this would also improve the authority of your post on medium.

How Many Views Do You Need on Medium to Start Earning? 

According to a certain analysis from Zulie Writes, medium pays around $16 for every 1000 views. 

So, if you are able to get 100,000 views monthly, the maths gives you $1600. This is not exactly bad right? Yet, you need to have reached a certain level to be able to hit 100,000 organic views on medium.


It is possible to.earn thousands of dollars on medium but there is no guarantee. In fact, only a few medium creators can boast of over $5000 earnings monthly. 

Nevertheless, For a start, medium is here to help. Probably, you might just hit that jackpot as soon as you start writing on the platform.


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