How to manage time as a freelancer – 7 Steps

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How to manage time as a freelancer – 7 Steps

Understanding how to manage time as a freelancer has a long way to go if you must succeed in your career. This is because freelancing promotes freedom and flexibility, but it is not easy to maintain and achieve both without proper management of time skills.

However in this article, we have outlined and explained some tips and recommendations on how to MANAGE YOUR TIME AS A FREELANCER effectively.

How to manage time as a freelancer – The 7 ways


To start freelancing work, avoid distractions so as to be more focused in doing the work. Eliminating common distractions is a great way to help ones mind stay focused on the task at hand. There is nothing worse than working in an environment with distractions.

Study yourself and find out what might easily distract you and find out possible ways of avoiding it. when you are feeling like your workday is packed full of productive tasks, but obviously, you are probably not spending as much time as you think on your most important tasks.

As humans, we are painfully ignorant to where out time goes. So it’s important to avoid tasks that can cause distractions. It is  always tempting to pick up your phone and browse social media or chat with friends instead of working.

Try putting your phone in airplane mode or turning it off while working restrict and cut off any other noises or distractions like televisions or chores when it’s time to work.

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Working as a freelancer also has its bad side. Comfortability when it comes to freelancing is also a big challenge. This is the reason why A workspace should be created to make it feel like you are at work when you go into an office.

Since most freelancers work from their homes, In tight corners, that might mean working from the kitchen table or in your bedroom. 

If you can, try creating a dedicated workspace, even if it’s just a desk in the corner of another room. Because, when you have a designated work area, you can help create the habit of “going to work”, which prepares you mentally for the day ahead and helps to eliminate distractions.


For effective freelancing, you may feel like your workday is packed full of productive tasks, but obviously, it may seem like one is probably not spending as much time as one think on some most important tasks. Time tracking does not only involve charging clients by the hour. It helps in developing better time management skills. 

When tracking time, one can learn more about ones daily habits and how long it actually takes to complete a task. This helps to organize ones calendar accurately and helps to visualize what  workload looks like with realistic hours for each project.

Humans generally don’t know how time is consumed. So it’s important to properly track how much time is spent on some most important tasks and how to manage it.

Time tracking encourages you to track how long it takes you to do your tasks every week. Especially when you are faced with some reoccurring tasks like checking email, picking calls or writing newsletters. This simple task  will make it a lot easier for creating a work schedule.

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For every freelancer, especially freelancers on, what should come to their mind first is how to set goals, meet targets. this will bring the realization of goals,  what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them. Setting of goals puts the brain to work and puts it on “Focus” mode. Setting of goals and putting brain to work upon those objectives helps in the management of time.

One could help the brain achieve the set goals by placing goal reminders in workplace, like putting a dashboard or a sticky note where it is visible so it can be seen every day. Reading the same message with the set goals every morning will make the goals achievable with time management.


As a freelancer, in some situations, multitasking can be a tangible and useful skill, but, when it comes to Productivity it is   not always advisable.  When trying to do multiple tasks at the same time, like working on different projects or with different clients, one can end up letting things slip through or not achieving anything at all. It is better to pay full attention to one task so that you can dedicate all the energy to that specific task.


As a freelancer,  It is not really a good idea to just show up to work without planning how the week will go. Planning for the  week by midweek is not always advisable. Always take the time to look at your schedule for the week or upcoming week to determine any scheduling conflicts or issues that may arise.

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For freelancers, POMODORO technique is a popular method among freelancers whereby Using a structured time management technique can be a great help to them, including those that are just starting out with their careers or those people that know that struggle with productivity in their activities. 

This technique is also useful for those who prolong things, those who keep on postponing work for the next minute.

Pomodoro approach is a helping technique for work procrastinators, here, intervals of 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break is set. This approach helps to stay focused and gives time to relax and as well remain productive.

Timers can be used to give notification of when to start work and give a break. In situations whereby distractions occur easily, this method is an helpful way to stay focused.


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