How to write an outstanding resume

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How to write an outstanding resume

In writing an outstanding resume, there are different methods which can be applied in writing a perfect resume for a positive response.
Below are the basic methods applicable for writing a resume.

Methods of writing an outstanding resume

There are basically 3 methods of writing an outstanding resume, they are;

Functional method

This approach is a skill oriented method. it focuses on skills gathered from previous jobs and experiences gathered in such a way that it will have a positive impact on the present job. This method organizes the skills in such a way that it has been applicable to the previous job experience from top to bottom and how it will take effect on the present job.

Chronological method

This approach is an experimental method. it gathers the experience and achievements applicants has gathered from past works. This method lists out these achievements and experiences from the last to the first.

Combination method

As implied from the word itself, it is a combination of both the functional and chronological method. It focuses on both the skills and experiences of applicants.

Features of an outstanding resume

A catchy heading: In writing a resume, it is important to include a catchy heading. This heading will attract the hiring personnel to really go through the resume.

Personal details and information: Not all information should be included on a resume, some people are fond of writing their life history in a resume, how they grow up, the food they eat, best colors, these are not necessarily important in a resume. whoever is hiring you is not concerned about these stuffs. what they need is stated below:

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Your name in full details, i.e., Surname, first name and last name.

Your email address.

Your phone number.

Your LinkedIn profile (necessary)

Personal online website. (optional)

Start with a summary or an objective: A RESUME SUMMARY points out impressive achievements and skills gathered from previous work so as to create an impression and look befitting for the job. RESUME OBJECTIVE points out impressive skills and achievements that can be passed on to the organization to achieve their set goals.

However, it should be noted that both cannot be used at the same time, Summary is used by those who have been working for long, these kind of people have long term experiences that will attract hiring personnel to their resume.

While, Objective is used by new job searchers. this  method is applicable to those who have only skills, and lack experience. examples of people that can adopt this method are: students, those who just changed careers, entry level applicants.

Add previous work experience: Whichever method you are adopting, when adding previous job experience to your resume, you write it out by adding: Job title, date employed- month and year, company’s name- location, city and state.

Highlight your skills: Depending on the method of approach to be used in writing this resume, if adding skills to the resume, choose the specific skills, you are adding to the resume. We have: soft skills and hard skills.

– Soft skills: These are personal skills that are developed simply through interaction with others and accomplishing daily tasks at work. coordination and self management are good examples of organizational skills that most companies cherish.

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– Hard skills: These are skills that are learned from specific trainings, workshops, school and from work. These are skills that requires equipment to work on.

Some of the top skills to add  to a resume are: communication skills, leadership skills, customer service skills, interpersonal skills, computer knowledge skills. e.t.c.

Add educational background: Educational background is very important in writing a resume.  It is a good opportunity to showcase educational backgrounds. you start from the highest educational qualification, name of school attended and year of graduation.

Add up extra resume sections: This part in a resume is also important, as this area creates avenue for applicants to add extra resume summary by adding the extra qualifications and award they have acquired. You can also mention organizations you have volunteered for in this area, hobbies and interests, extra curricular activities you pick up, i.e., your favorite sports activity and also organizations you have interned for.

Also, professional certifications you have bagged should not be left out. Every award or formal recognition received from formal organizations should be included as well. Languages spoken especially international languages is an added value. Personal projects should not be left out as well. Also, if you have ever made any publications, this can be added up too.

You also need a Cover letter

A cover letter helps to expand words that cannot be expressed in the resume. The cover letter must match the resume as this will serve as an added advantage above other candidates.

Choose the type of file you want: Most employers prefer resumes as Microsoft Word documents (.doc) or PDF files. Microsoft Word documents are the most basic and popularly accepted file types for resumes and cv’s, but PDFs ensure the formatting doesn’t become wonky and scattered after submission. 

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However, when you’re dealing with applicant tracking systems (ATS), Word documents are easier for these systems to validate, or read through and pick up important keywords used in the cover letter or resume. This is important if you want to stand out in modern recruiting. If you submit a PDF or other file, you might get automatically rejected if the system cannot read it. A general rule of thumb when it comes to resume is to save both versions of your resume and submit a Word document to applications on job sites and a PDF when sending directly to the email of a recruiter or hiring manager.

Proofreading your cover letter before submission: Before you submit your resume anywhere, proofread it yourself and ask a trusted friend or professional contact to do the same. A minor mistake or grammatical blunder could result in countless rejections. Your resume is your first and often only chance to impress a potential employer, and you should treat it as such.
Lastly, if you need a job, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we might have openings you are qualified for.


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