Fully-Funded McCall MacBain Scholarships Await at McGill 2024-25 For International Students

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Fully-Funded McCall MacBain Scholarships Await at McGill  2024-25 For International Students

Calling all ambitious students! Are you dreaming of a master’s degree but worried about the cost? The prestigious McCall MacBain Scholarship at McGill University could be your answer. This incredible programme accepts applications for the 2024/25 academic year, offering full funding for outstanding Canadian and international students.

Whether you’re nearing the end of your undergraduate studies or a recent graduate seeking to take your education to the next level, the McCall MacBain Scholarship is here to help. It covers all your tuition fees, plus living expenses, allowing you to focus on what matters most: achieving academic excellence.

Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity! Head over to McGill’s website to learn more and apply. This could be your chance to turn your master’s dream into reality.


McCall MacBain is partnering with McGill University in Canada, the selected applicants for the scholarship will be sent to study at McGill University in Montreal.

McCall MacBain spent $200m in 2019 to sponsor students at McGill University, each year they repeat this process of sponsoring students to study at McGill.

They usually select 30 students total, 20 Canadian students, and the rest of the; 10 international students.

This foundation provides the scholarship to encourage and equip future leaders.


US & Canadian students deadline: September 25, 2024.

International students: August 24, 2024.

For other eligible programmes: October – November 2024.

Regional interview: October – December 2024.

Final interview: March 2025.

Campus Arrival: September 2025.


Students applying for McCall MacBain programmes must possess the following characteristics & qualities.


Applicants should have a strong leadership potential to lead, drive, and help others so that they will be able to develop themselves and achieve their goals.

As a good leader, They should positively influence people’s lives around them through the knowledge they are sharing with the lead.

All the good qualities & characteristics of a good leader should be what they are exhibiting without discrimination of any type.


For students or applicants that believed in diligence, and hard work.

Always ready to learn new ideas and skills to improve themselves the most. They should also have a strong ambition to attain great levels in the future without fear of failure.

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They should be the type of students who don’t easily give up on their studies or whatever they are doing no matter how hard it seems.


Applicants have performed well in their academics, scoring good grades in their classes. They must be students with genuine concerns and passion for education, and should not be part of exam-malpractice.

The applicants must be able to collaborate and work with other students on discussions that matter.

Lastly, as an applicant, you should have great plans for yourself in the future which can be achieved through education.


McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill is in search of students who can collaborate with others to seek solutions for problems.

Students who actively engage in a community outside of classrooms are highly interested in working for humanity and rendering help to those severely in need.


Thriving at McGill means embracing challenges with a can-do attitude. McGill values students who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and tackle problems head-on. Whether it’s a tough course or a brand-new idea, McGill fosters a culture of perseverance and creativity.


The following are what the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill cover and provide for the awarded students.

  • Fully funded scholarship, all the tuition fee is covered for master’s degree students until the course is over.
  • Awarded applicants will be provided with a relocation fee to enable them to relocate to Montreal where they will kick-start their fully funded education.
  • $2,000 monthly fee during the period of academic till the course is over.

These are what the beneficiaries of the McCall MacBain scholarship will benefit.


Students interested in studying at McGill University through the McCall MacBain program should meet any of these criteria.

  • Applicants Must not be above 30 years of age in 2024.
  • Your 1st bachelor’s degree was bagged above 5 years ago 
  • You are a student about to earn your first degree in August 2025.
  • As an applicant, your first degree was obtained about 5 years ago in 2019 or above 2019.

Are YOU eligible? APPLY NOW.


Applicants of McCall MacBain are mandated to submit the following documents.


Submitting your transcript from the university level in PDF format is required, the official & unofficial transcripts are all accepted.

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Although GPA scores are regarded, they are not mainly focused on it, the team focuses on how fit the individual is in the programme he studied.


During the first process of application for the scholarship, you will be required to provide your personal information which may include information about the members of your family or your family information as a whole.

This information is crucial for the scholarship donors because they want to understand a bit about the individual in need of the scholarship, plus they are very eager to hear what pushed or helped the students to reach their current level of education.


The McCall MacBain application includes a short essay (around 255-300 words) where you get to shine! This is your chance to tell your story: what makes you tick, the experiences that shaped you, and how you connect with others. Think of it as a conversation starter, a way for the selection committee to get to know the amazing person you are. Consider including the below in your essay.

Influence: You should be able to state how influential you are and how positively you have influenced the lives of those around you.

If there are any examples of careers or other things you have been to influence; feel free to talk about them.

Goal: Do you have a goal you set for yourself? This is the opportunity for you to talk about them, feel free to let them know your goals including those you have been able to achieve.

Experience: It can be a fun experience, you are free to share some of your meaningful memories and experiences you have had, it may be your academic experience, experience from your role in school, or experience that teaches you some unforgettable memories.

Just share them in your essay writing and make it captivating.


All Applicants are required to provide 2 references which are

1. An academic Reference: from someone who knows your academic performance very well and can tell about it without second guessing. eg it might be your lecturer.

2. A community Reference: This reference will come from someone in the same community group as you and can tell about your community involvement and contribution.

These are just the 2 types of reference required from those applying for McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill.

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The type of reference an applicant should provide depends on the associated course, some courses may require only a reference while others may require two. Anyone your course requires you have to provide them.

In providing your reference you have to require it in the application process then they will send a link to the writer so that he/she will be able to answer those questions which will be required from them.

For Academic reference, the writer has to answer 5 questions followed by some essays 

For community reference, the writer should also answer 5 questions with answers.

You can review and take a look at those questions which will be asked by your reference writer.

I recommend requesting a reference writer from people who know you well and can tell you about it.

But you shouldn’t request it from friends, classmates, or members of your family, it is prohibited.


Your Resume submission should be in a PDF style with a minimum font size of 10.

Your Resume should contain your work experience, internship experience, academic experience, community experience, and professional experience. Etc. All these should be written on one page.

Those you were not able to include in your essay writing you can include them all in your resume.

Then on the other page of the resume, you can point out the most important experience you have ever had.


In this section you are required to share your extra-curricular activities, breaks you have taken (if there are any), your work history, etc.

They are very eager to know and hear from you, concerning your lifestyle outside of classrooms.

By giving them this information they will understand you better, when writing your activities regarding McCall MacBain Scholarships ensure to articulate them very well to enable the committee in charge of it to read your writing without confusion.

Applicants need to submit the above-listed documents during the application process for McCall MacBain Scholarships.

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McCall MacBain programme was established in 2019 and to date, they have been sponsoring Canadian and international students.

This year they are sponsoring 30 students to complete their master’s, you can partake by applying for it. All the information and guidelines have been fully highlighted, JUST APPLY NOW.


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