Beyond Degrees: Why Mentorship Should Be YOUR Secret Weapon

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Beyond Degrees: Why Mentorship Should Be YOUR Secret Weapon

Mentorship is a powerful professional relationship where a seasoned individual (the mentor) guides and supports a less experienced one (the mentee) in their career development. Think of it as having a personal career guru who can offer invaluable insights, industry knowledge, and strategic guidance.

Advancement in one’s career is a dream/goal that is shared by many work professionals who wish to have a successful career. Whether you are just pioneering your career or an expert who seeks to move upwards on the corporate ladder, it’s important to bear in mind that for a successful career, having only the technical, job-related skills required for the job doesn’t cut it. For a successful professional career, other skills; ‘soft skills’ like effective communication, career vision, good professional relationships, etc are crucial to propel one’s career forward. The lack of these vital skills contributes to the failure of many work professionals to scale up the corporate ladder, even with their high technical skills and expertise.

What Is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a good nurturing relationship between the more knowledgeable and experienced mentor and the lesser experienced individual (the mentee). The main purpose of mentorship is towards the eventual development of the mentee, though in some cases, the mentor also benefits one way or the other from the relationship.

The relationship involves regular meetings and good communication between the mentor and the individual which offers guidance, support, and good advice, based on the mentor’s more advanced knowledge or experience. Mentorship relationships can be built and maintained via networking, good interpersonal relationship skills, and good personal connections between the mentor and mentee.
The roles mentorship plays in professional career development are immense as it helps in the development of new skills, ideas, or innovations, helps in the navigation of a new work environment, and boosts good career development.

Why Having A Mentor Is Your Ultimate Career Hack

This is why most successful work professionals with thriving businesses mention mentoring as an integral part of their successes.
In light of this, since we are already groomed with the knowledge of what mentorship is, I would like to highlight the various importance good mentorship offers in the area of career development. These are;

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1. Good mentorship helps to develop quality skills
Mentors can develop new skills and refurbish already existing skills through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and insights. It is expected that a mentor, through the provision of guidance and evaluation of technical competencies, interpersonal skills, and field-related knowledge, improves the mentee’s overall professional performance.

Mentors can identify key areas where the mentee is lacking and needs to improve upon through regular interactions with them.
When we refer to skills, not only technical skills are being referred to. Ranging from soft skills like leadership qualities, communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc to technical skills, the mentorship program will help them to be able to hone these skills and use them to navigate through various life situations.
For instance, when we take the example of a guy who wants to pursue a career in marketing, he should meet up with an experienced marketing professional as his mentor. This person would be able to provide relevant knowledge about necessary marketing strategies required by such a student. The mentor might also assign the student a real-life project that would give the student to put his newly acquired skills to the test. This mentorship program between such a student and his mentor will greatly enhance the mentee’s marketing skills and strategies.

2. Mentorship provides networking opportunities: The significant importance of mentorship is the exposure of the individual to a wider network of work professionals within the same related field and scope. Mentors can help facilitate connections that the individual requires, thereby opening up the individual to new job contracts and business collaborations.
The networking role that mentorship plays when the mentor is well-connected can prove to be a game changer, as it can offer the mentee access to a new range of opportunities via partnerships, collaborations, and new job opportunities.

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This networking aspect that mentorship offers can prove to be a very powerful asset for one’s career advancement and development.
For instance, in the previous example, we made mention of a mentee that mentored by a marketing expert. The mentor, if he is a well-respected and popular figure in the industry can invite the mentee to a conference/meeting, where it’s sure he will meet influential marketers. This exposure will provide the mentees the opportunity to establish and build necessary connections with them. These meaningful connections might lead to future dealings such as job offers, partnerships, or collaborations on marketing projects.

3. Conquering Skill Gaps: Mentors can assess your strengths and weaknesses, helping you identify the specific skills needed to overcome roadblocks. They can then recommend resources, and courses, or even provide personalized coaching to help you bridge the skill gap.

4. Mentorship provides accountability: The knowledge that someone (your mentor) is invested in ensuring that you have a successful career can provide the mentee with a sense of motivation and accountability. Mentors help their mentees to set clear goals to achieve in their careers, with detailed plans on how they intend to achieve these objectives. This will keep the mentees accountable for their set goals and will help keep them on track in the actualization of their goals. This accountability will play a pivotal role in boosting consistent progress, thereby encouraging career advancement.

5. Mentorship encourages personal growth: Aside from the professional benefits imbued by mentorship programs, mentorship also helps to foster the personal growth of the individual. Mentors, through their good advice, often provide their mentees with the needed emotional support. This will help them regain confidence in themselves and provide them with a sense of belonging in their respective fields.
They develop a sense of belonging in the sense that, through the connection of mentees with other work professionals, they feel more integrated into the system. This will help to foster a positive working environment, with mentees actively participating in these professional communities.
Mentorship additionally provides the individual with a deep understanding of their strengths, values weaknesses, and areas they need to improve on. This will help cultivate good leadership qualities, resilience, and an excellent career mindset that would better help shape and remold their careers.

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How Do You Find Your Perfect Mentor?

  • Identify Your Goals: Before embarking on your mentor hunt, clearly define your career aspirations. What do you want to achieve? This will help you target mentors with the right expertise and experience.
  • Leverage Your Network: Tap into your existing network of friends, family, colleagues, and professors. They might know someone who would be a great fit to mentor you.
  • Join Industry Organizations: Professional associations and online communities often have mentorship programs that connect aspiring professionals with established mentors.
  • Attend Industry Events: Conferences, workshops, and networking events are excellent places to meet potential mentors. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations and express your interest in mentorship.pen_spark

When approaching a potential mentor, be prepared and professional. Research their background and tailor your request, highlighting how their expertise aligns with your career goals and the specific obstacles you’re trying to overcome. Mentorship is a two-way street. Be prepared to offer value in return, whether it’s offering to assist with a project, providing fresh perspectives, or simply being a reliable and enthusiastic mentee.



In today’s dynamic professional landscape, a degree is just a stepping stone. Investing in mentorship is an investment in your future. With the right mentor by your side, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and network connections needed to unlock your full potential and dominate your career.


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