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Miya Khaliq Biography & Net Worth

In this article we explore Brief about Miya khaliq biography, net worth, age, career and family.



Miya khaliq is an renowned actress, who gained rapid fame in the Movie industry due her deligence and love for acting at earlier age. She was born by parents who supported her dreams to become who she is today.

Early Life

She was born on January 12 2000 in a small town Punjab, India, she dedicated more time chasing her dreams despite facing numerous challenges she keep on going. Both parents where from Punjab and they live together in same town which she grew up in.


She invested more time in acting Scene, which caught the attention of different professionals in her field which she now gain more sponsorship from and gain such massive fan base in no long period of time.

Education & Relationship Background

We have limited information about her Education but we believe she school in her home town Punjab, as for her relationship status she is currently keeping it private, we promise to update this article as as  we got any information.

Miya khaliq Net Worth

Miya khaliq net Worth is estimated to be around $150k – $350k as of 2023, we believe it will increase in future due her increase in fan base.

  • How old is Miya Khaliq? She is 23 years old as of 2023.
  • Is Miya Khaliq Married? No
  • When is her birthday? January 12 2000

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