Top 5 Digital skills an entrepreneur must possess to be successful in life

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Top 5 Digital skills an entrepreneur must possess to be successful in life

Digital skills as the name suggests, are skills that provides one with the ability to create, utilize and evaluate content using modernized information and communication technology on internet platforms. The evolution of the modern world towards new technological innovations has affected all aspects of human life and entrepreneurship has not been spared. Therefore there is need for one to leverage these digital platforms and technologies to produce new innovative business models and improve the
efficiency of one’s business.

Surely, not every entrepreneur is destined to become the next Steve jobs, Elon Musk or even Aliko Dangote, but employing the right digital skills to an already existing entrepreneurial mindset in one’s business is sure to perform wonders. One might have already strong, mind-blowing business ideas, supporting it with relevant digital skills can take one to an even higher level than one imagined. As an entrepreneur, one’s business tends to become old-fashioned and less efficient when one is not equipped with the right, relevant digital skills.

With all these in mind, I have compiled a list of top 5 digital skills business entrepreneurs should possess in order to be successful. These are;

1. Effective Communication

Communication covers all activities involved in the exchange and transmission of ideas and information in a business organization. Communication is one of the core digital skills one must master to become a successful entrepreneur. In a company, there must be a way for one to convey his ideas or pass a message across to his recipient either it is to an investor, stake holder, worker or customer. Being able to effectively communicate these ideas will save one a lot of time and stress, hence the need for effective communication in an organization.

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These days, due to the advent of the modern technology, much communication is done online via the internet and as an entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance one is able to communicate with these media. For example, a business entrepreneur might not be awarded a particular contract by a potential investor in another country due to his inability to setup a Skype call on his computer system.

Another reason why this digital skill is considered important to entrepreneurs is that after the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of businesses now rely on the use of virtual conferencing and communication to replace face-to-face meetings. Hence, there is need for the entrepreneur to possess the skillset required on how to operate such media. He should familiarize himself with the likes of Zoom, Google
hangouts and others and also to ensure that the company is equipped with the necessary technology to run such virtual conference meetings.

As an entrepreneur one is naturally a leader, and as such has to learn how to communicate properly and formally with his team members or workers. As a leader again, the entrepreneur is charged with making tough decisions like cutting costs, giving queries to underperforming workers, firing bad workers for which the entrepreneur has to learn to say NO, to negotiate, to conduct interviews etc.

2. Branding

This involves the creation of a clear, good image of a business organization and its product in the minds of its market. For example when one thinks of Apple, Steve Jobs comes to one mind por when one hears of Facebook, almost immediately the name Mark Zuckerberg is associated with it. This not only due to the reason that these companies are famous all over the world, but because their founders created a strong brand for it. Good customer relationship helps to foster good brand name in the marketplace.

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When one is not equipped with relevant digital skills, branding might probe to be difficult and might reduce one’s chances of success as an entrepreneur. Activities such as advertising, trademarking, publicity stunts help to promote the brand and helps to keep people informed about the brand.

3. Automation

Automation involves the use of technology to handle simple tasks in a business organization. Acquisition of relevant digital skills can help one in the automation of certain tasks, this helps reduce stress and aids productivity. Automation helps the entrepreneur to reduce performance of repetitive tasks. This is beneficial as repetition of the same task over and over again for a long time hinders productivity and leads to waste of time.

As an entrepreneur, there is a lot of tasks to be done, hence there is need for one to invest time on what is deemed a priority by the entrepreneur. Automation of simple tasks help the entrepreneur to manage his time wisely and delegate his time to more important tasks. It is highly recommended that business owners embrace the use of digital technology to aid their business activities which will ultimately result in higher productivity.

4. Marketing

This is the most crucial aspect for a good business growth because it serves to reach out to potential customers about the availability of the product. As an entrepreneur, relevant digital skills are needed to inform, remind and reach out to potential customers on digital platforms where most of them spend their time. One can make the best product ever, but this is useless as long as nobody knows about the existence of such product which is the main purpose of marketing.

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Research has shown that a large number of people spend much of their time on social media, hence it is highly recommended that an entrepreneur should start marketing from there. One can create blogs, websites or social media handles for his brand. The company should be be able to push its website or social media pages with the aid of good, quality content. The entrepreneur must therefore learn and possess excellent content creation skills so as to increase the quality of website traffic and engage his audience.

The entrepreneur should find out and have good understanding of what his audience is interested in and then build blogs and content on that knowledge on a regular basis. This will help to create good business reputation online, attract more potential customers and boost the brand image.

5. Networking through social media.

One’s network is one’s network, that alone being said there’s need for one to form and build relationships among fellow entrepreneurs like oneself. One should make sure to associate with people with high money-making mentality, visionaries, champions. It is highly advisable to cut off toxic people even though it might seem difficult because it is either one is moving forward or backwards.

One should also practice reaching out to like-minded entrepreneurs and interacting with them on online forums via the social media. By doing this, one is increasing his chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The ability to utilize social media effectively is a vital digital skill that business entrepreneurs should have. Thanks to facebook, twitter, instagram ,, etc. Now you can network and build relationships from the comfort of your home.


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