Top 5 Digital skills to become a millionaire

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Top 5 Digital skills to become a millionaire

This article will expose you to some digital skills that can make you a millionaire in a very short time. It is however important to note that acquiring these skills is not enough. You must work hard to gather expertise, experience and marketing exposure to achieve the millionaire status.

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Digitization of the modern world has made it easy for people to get rich. The situation has changed from the 90s period that people had to get white-collar jobs or political positions to be rich. Presently, earning a huge income is very much guaranteed provided one is equipped with the right digital skill. The world has changed to the extent that a secondary school graduate with the right digital skill can earn far greater than a university graduate with the traditional white-collar job.

Digital skills is defined as the fundamental skills that are needed to work with and operate digital devices like computers and phones to solve problems in a way that will create value for people. It is the crucial knowledge needed to be able to use and handle digital devices to perform certain tasks and provide necessary solutions to problems.

Digital skills encompass all skills needed to work with computers ranging from social skills to high programming skills that is used extensively for software development. It is advisable to be equipped with the relevant digital skills as recent studies show that it is predicted that almost all jobs will require digital skills in years to come. Besides this fact, it is important to note that due to the high-competitiveness of the labor market, having digital skills will be an added advantage when one is in search of a well-paying job.

There are lots of opportunities to make good money within the digital space when one has the necessary skill(s) to offer. One is sure to always be in business, since we are after all in the digital age, hence it would be a wise decision to choose a good digital skill to learn. If you have constant thoughts on what skill to choose and how lucrative It is, this article is just for you as I would highlight the top five
digital skills you can learn.

The Top 5 Digital skills to become a millionaire

1. Software Development

Since the advent of computers, software developers have evolved our lives especially through the creation of social media platforms which has enabled global interaction amongst people. One might think that only coding knowledge is needed to develop a software program without knowing that software development requires relevant coding expertise, good analytical thinking skills coupled
with lots of patience and dedication.

This field however is not dependent on college degrees and knowledge as most people would prefer to hire the services of a software developer that is highly proficient and can offer solution to the challenge they are facing. Hence, acquiring this skill does not
usually require having a degree.

Mastering this skill is sure to improve and elevate one’s financial game as most highly proficient software developers can earn up to $200,000 yearly. This field of digital technology is highly paid because it deals with improving the existing computer technology as well as developing new innovations.

2. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is simply known as computer security. It involves the implementation of a set of procedures which serve to ensure the protection of a computer system. This field deals with processes involved in the prevention of a computer system, software, network, data or useful information from any unauthorized access or attacks.

As the advantages of digital technology is ever increasing, so are the threats. One of such threats are those posed by hackers who steal information, commit computer fraud and commit identity theft. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for any security breaches within any personal or organizational profile, hence the need for cyber security. Highly skilled cyber security personnel are very high in
demand, with a lot of people requiring their services so as to prevent cyber attack on their businesses.

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Cyber security is a very promising field as many business layout such as digital payment solutions, banks, insurance companies etc. highly need specialists of the field to fend off malware and cyber attack and also to safeguard their systems and data from any external, unauthorized access. People with high expertise in the field are highly valued by many companies with huge number of job opportunities available for them. They can earn as much as $250,000 per annum.

3. Web design and development

Web development covers a set of skills involved in the design and programming of a website and the maintenance of its web servers. As per the modern, digital landscape we now find ourselves, every organization or business setup require to have a strong internet presence to market it’s products and services, hence the need for a website. Some even go as far as developing a software application.

As companies cannot survive without a functional and well structured website, web developers are given the advantage here and are allowed to thrive. There is also high demand for web developers globally which guarantee that the skill is highly valuable and lucrative. Good web designers are never out of available jobs as there are always roles in many companies for them to fill up as they can also help to update and make changes to already existing websites.

To become a web designer it takes a lot of learning and consistency. Some start their learning process by checking out YouTube videos and reading relevant blogs. To fully begin, one has to start by learning either of HTML, CSS or JavaScript or even all together to gain relevant knowledge. One could step it up by learning bootstrap and WordPress so as to keep up with latest advancements in web design.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another lucrative digital skill that is necessary to have this time in the computer age, as it involves the use of online digital channels like the social media, websites, emails etc. to promote business brands to reach target audience. In the recent years, many companies have realized the benefits of marketing and promoting their businesses online hence they hire digital marketing
consultants who help them handle their marketing affairs. This is due to the fact that most digital marketers are equipped with the relevant knowledge on the perfect way to establish and maintain a business identify and brand online via the social media.

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Most businesses prefer the cost effectiveness of digital marketing to the traditional marketing and this usually helps to create a winning social media campaign for the business thereby increasing the demand for skilled digital marketers. Digital marketers can earn as much as about $100,000 annually from freelancing and can stand to earn more when they have the necessary certification.

Effective digital marketing helps to attract new customers and helps to retain the existing which is the goal of most marketing strategy of any business, hence when one is equipped with this skill, companies would come looking for you to help boost its marketing ability.

If you are passionate about marketing and want you feel like picking up a lucrative digital skill this year, digital marketing is a good choice. This is because we, the younger generation already spend so much time online on the social media, hence it should not be hard to use it to our advantage for digital marketing.

5. Graphic design

Graphic design is the skill involved in designing and creation of visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through pictures, imagery and colors. It involves the use of graphic design software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator etc. to create beautiful visual content like logos, banners, labels etc.

Graphic design are sought by most businesses to help them create unique trademarks and logos for their brands. They also help to create graphic images for websites, adverts, handbills, catalogues etc.

Even though the skill is somehow seen as fairly common by most people due to the high number of graphic designers available, very good professionals with high expertise of the craft remain in high demand as they are able to blend new technology with good artistic skill to create high quality images. Highly proficient graphic designers can make as much as $100,000 per year.


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