Top 6 Freelancing Websites in the world

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Top 6 Freelancing Websites in the world

This article covers the top 6 freelancing websites in the world. This is not just based on their userbase but also on the possibilities enshrined in top 6 freelancing websites.

Looking at the digital ecosystem, Nigeria has to be one of the countries with the most freelancers or people interested in running a freelance business. But this article is beyond that. It’s about the top 6 Freelancing websites in the world.

However, things aren’t so easy for Freelancers in the country. Firstly, it’s a developing country with a lot of challenges being posed to normal people. 

And for freelancers, people ahead find it very difficult to share the process and progress, though it is usually not totally their fault. 

Alright, I’m here to share a little bit of those updates with you? 

The Top 6 Freelancing Websites in the world

As said earlier, I am going to run around the top 6 freelancing websites where you can find helpful resources and jobs to step up your freelancing career. 

1.      Upwork

Undoubtedly, upwork is the number 1 of the top 6 freelancing websites in the world. I don’t think there is any other job website in the freelancing field as popular as Upwork. It is that one and only job site most new Nigerian freelancers can not do without.

The platform is the largest job marketplace formerly known as Elance-oDesk before being rebranded to what we now know as Upwork. 

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You can offer just any service on upwork as a freelancer. And yes, they do accept Africans. I have heard about job boards that don’t accept Africans. 

Finding jobs on the platform might be Quite difficult because of the competition but things would become better on the long run. 

2. Fiverr

Second on the top 6 freelancing websites in the world is Fiverr. Yes, we might not be coming across another Upwork anytime soon, as much as we wouldn’t be coming across another Fiverr.  

Fiverr is the second largest marketplace for freelancers to meet client’s and decide on hiring for a service. 

The creative thing about Fiverr is that you wouldn’t be paid less than $5 for a project. A very small project, like redesigning a canvas design can earn you $5 at least. 

And if you have lots of expertise in highly rated tools, you will be making hundreds of dollars from the platform. 

According to most freelancers, it is pretty easy to get a job on Fiverr than upwork. 


Another job site for you, but this time around a newcomer to the market, which is pretty good for new freelancers. is one of the top freelancing websites in the world. It is a global freelance marketplace that helps digitally skilled people earn legitimate money online without stress.

It’s a crowdsourcing platform where clients posts jobs for freelancers to apply. Once you have been approved you would have a chance to start working and earning from the client. 

You can offer as much service as other freelancing websites on We have another article dedicated to and you should check it out. 

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Remember, it would be easier to get a job from a small pond like compared to the likes of very competitive websites like Fiverr and upwork. 

4. 99designs

If you are a designer, I got you covered. 99designs is one website that is dedicated for designers to get a job. 

The downside is that it can be very competitive. There are lots of Guru designers on it, that a beginner might find it sophisticated to get into. 

… but then it is definitely worth trying. In fact, I’ve seen lots of beginner animators, graphics designers and editors get jobs on 99designs.

5. Indeed 

Though might have fallen off a little bit, we can’t write off indeed when it comes to getting legit jobs. 

It is not a job board for freelancers alone, but also for people looking to work 9-5. And if you are lucky enough you might bump into a scholarship and internship opportunity for that skill you are interested in. 

There are jobs for writers, designers, programmers, developers, lawyers… just any service you offer.

6.  ChatGPT

Not a job board… Do I even need to explain what chatgpt is? I feel like everybody is pretty used to it these days. 

Anyways, it’s an AI that is built to get you an answer to your questions. You can use it to search for your clients projects, proposals, getting and managing clients, and so on. 

I know designers that use ChatGPT as their UX writer, while some data analysts use it for analysing data. 


The list shouldn’t end here obviously, because there are still lots of websites to try out when it comes to getting jobs and boosting efficiency. You can check out our other guide about tools freelancers can use to build their efficiency. And also, don’t forget to check our review, it would be of help to you, especially if you are new to the freelancing game. 


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