How to balance parenthood and career – 5 Good tips for working parents

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How to balance parenthood and career – 5 Good tips for working parents

Understanding how to balance parenthood and career involves the employment of  strategies designed to effectively manage the responsibilities associated with both raising children and pursue a good professional career. It requires the way that working parents are able to meet up with the demands of both aspects of their lives; the parental aspects and the career aspects with out leaving out one for the other.

Shuffling between meeting up to parental obligations and having a successful career can be a very overwhelming challenge. This is because is a full time job by itself, as a parent presence in his child’s life is very much paramount to securing the best future for such a child.

This, when coupled with the constant demands of the professional field might make it seem impossible for a working parent to find a balance between his career and his parenting obligations. It is for this reason that this article wishes to clarify and share some tips for working parents, for them to find and maintain the balance between their career and their children.

5 tips on How to balance parenthood and career – 5 tips for working parents

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Create a schedule:

As a working parent, it is a common knowledge that you would always have a lot on your plate. This might range from work responsibilities to parental duties and obligations. For this reason, it is highly useful for working parents to effectively manage their time by creating a schedule. That can use tools like calendars, to-do lists, planners to create a form of schedule which will highlight the relevant tasks to be done in an order.

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On the schedule, the individual should allocate dedicated time for his family and professional activities, with enough time set aside for each, to ensure that they both get the necessary attention they require. With the help of this schedule, you will be able to map out and keep track of activities that might involved in carrying out your parental and professional duties, thereby boosting your chances of success in both your family and career aspects.

It is advisable in the case that the parent is working from home, that you create a schedule for your kids. This will help them to plan out their day thereby giving you the added time of you focusing on your work when needed. This will keep both you and children on track as you would be able to know when it’s the children’s playtime, or time for their food, studying time etc.

Create boundaries:

As a responsible working parent, it is very essential that you draw very clear lines between work time and family time. This is aided by effective management i.e. allocating specific periods of time for work and family obligations. Creating boundaries will ensure that the individual is able to use the dedicated for work or for his family to the maximum. Though, sometimes it might be difficult to say “NO” to his superiors when asked to work overtime or do an extra work or task.

The individual should find an alternative method of completing such project that is within his capacity, that won’t deprive his family of its own dedicated time.

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Creating boundaries will also help to prevent the individual from suffering from exhaustion or burnout in the process of overworking himself in the fulfilment of both his family and work obligations.
This will also better improve and enhance one’s productivity at work and help to build excellent relationship with one’s family if one is able to make adequate time for each phase of parental and professional life.

Flexibility of work environment:

Due to the advancements in technology, flexible work strategies are now out in place which enable for one to carry out specified tasks with less stress. These flexible work solutions now provide working parents a way for them to effectively balance their working hours with their family commitments.

Options like remote jobs, job sharing, telecommuting and reduced work weeks are examples of such flexible work arrangements. These options will provide the working parent with more control over his schedule with more time provided to be with his family.

The individual can discuss with his employer to create a solution that will work for you both and suit your needs.
The flexibility of work through these options will help boost productivity, provide the working parent with more time to be with his family and minimize excess work travelling.

Build a support network:

A support network consists of friends, families, relatives and even fellow working parents who can offer help in terms of advice, physical and emotional assistance. It is essential that working parents seek out and build a good relationship with fellow parents, either those in the same organization or those in same neighborhood.

This is because they also facing or might have faced similar unique issues that you are facing in balancing work and family life. Due to this fact, they are able to provide the best guidance and support you need. They would also be able to offer you the best advice or solutions that have worked when they were similarly in your shoes.

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One might also consider soliciting help from these support groups like trusted family members, friends, or childcare providers like babysitters to assist in taking care of your child while you are busy with your work.
It is important to note that having support system can help reduce de added stress and can provide the right emotional or psychological support when you might require it the most.


As working parents, it is very important to take time off one’s working schedule for oneself. This is very important as it will help to maintain one’s mental and physical well being. For working parents that have been busy working and giving their family the necessary attention, it is important to prioritize undergoing leisure, relaxation and doing stuffs they enjoy.

This might be reading a book, going for a walk, enjoying dinner with one’s spouse or a friend etc. It is important for them to skip out enough time off their schedule for them to have fun and relax.

Also self-care also involves eating the right diet, getting enough adequate sleep and exercising. Self-care cannot be overemphasized as it gives one the the freedom of temporarily stepping away from the heavy loads of responsibilities and clearing one’s head. Self-care also justifies the fact that you have worked hard to provide for your family and meet your goals at work and it’s okay to reward and commend your efforts.


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