Who is a Front-end Developer & What Does a Front-end Developers Do?

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Who is a Front-end Developer & What Does a Front-end Developers Do?

This article answers the questions asked by many tech lovers; who is a front-end developer and what does front-end developers do?

In the digital realm, front-end developers have one of the most important responsibilities. They are in charge of designing the screen of a website. 

That outstanding layout you are seeing on a website and you are referring to as, fine is the job of a front-end developer. 

They are also one of the most paid digital professionals in the world. A reason you can see many people choosing front-end web development as a career choice. 

Are you also in the decision stage for front-end development? You probably need to learn more about what they do and what you need to become one. 

As said earlier, we are going to discuss the duties of a front-end developer and how to become a front-end developer. But before then, you might want to check out this article on the Top 6 Freelancing Websites in the world.

The big questions: Who is a Front-end Developer and What Does Front-end Developers Do?

Who is a Front-end Developer & What Does Front-end Developers Do?

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Who is a front-end Developer?

Just like the name suggests, front-end developers are in charge of making the front (layout) of a website very accessible. They analyse the use case of a website, and bring up an outstanding website via coding. 

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They are in charge of the aesthetic of those websites and web apps we use. The fact that you are not dealing with an ugly website everyday is their job. 

Most people prefer to go into front-end development because it is far easier than the back end process. Their job is surrounded by just designing, user interface, and debugging. 

How about the back-end?

Differences between Front-end vs back-end

As explained Front-end is in charge of just the layout and user friendliness of your website. They work hand in hand with back end developers aside when they are working with no code tools. 

While, back-end developers are in charge of the technology behind websites. They develop a framework, which is the engine by which the function of a website is worked upon. 

The communication and linking of one page to another and the logic behind the database is designed by back end developers. 

Similarly, there are people referred to as Full Stack Developers. These one’s are in charge of both Front end and back end. They can design the layout of websites while also developing what the logic and functions would look like. 

Common Front-end Developer Responsibilities

Here are the common responsibilities of Front-End developers. 

  1. They are website designers. 
  2. They are in charge of the aesthetic of websites
  3. The job stretches into the UX of a website
  4. Debugging of websites
  5. They work with no code tools like WordPress and Webflow
  6. They improve the interaction and motion of websites
  7. Working with Back-end developers to build a suitable solutions for tech issues
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Is Front-end Development A Good Career Choice?

Of course, Front end development is a good career choice. Though very saturated, there is enough work in circulation if you can show off how good your abilities are. 

According to Google, they are one of the most paid digital professionals online and there are more jobs for front end than back end. It is one of the most demanded skills in the freelancing sphere too. 

How to Become a Front-End Developer

1.      Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript

HTML, CSS and Javascript are the most common front-end development skills in the world. So, if you are just looking to get into the front end, you need to learn them. They are programming languages that you will be needing to code a website. 

2. Learn How to Work With No Code Tools

There are a lot of no code tools that will allow you to build from scratch. If as a Front developer, you would prefer working with no code tools instead of coding from scratch, you should start learning about them. WordPress and we flow are used for designing websites. 

3. Understand API

As a front end developer, you might need to go a little bit into the technical part. Learn about APIs which is used by backend developers for creating web logics. Also, learn about command line and version control. If possible, network with back end developers to be able to learn how their process works too. 

4. Practice and Build 

There are lots of mediocre developers out there and you don’t want to be one of them. The market is so competitive, that only those that can prove their ability would survive the competition. Practice, develop projects, collaborate with other developers and build something out. 

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5. Apply for Internships and Jobs

After building your portfolio with valuable projects, it’s high time you start applying for internships or jobs that would give you an opportunity to work on real life products.  


Proficiency in HTML, CSS and Javascript is very important for front end developers. So, you need to practice these languages a lot. Work on projects, volunteer, join boot camps and hackathons for you to be able to build your portfolio as a developer. 


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